Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The right Reverend Lowery . . . a man who sees only the past.

Well, today it is snowing/raining/freezing meaning slick roads.

I listened to our new President. I am heartened by his speech.

I am mortified and angry over the divisive nature of Rev. Lowery's benediction. Where does this guy get off telling us that racism is still rampant after 64 years of affirmative action and being told white is bad, every color is downtrodden and oppressed by whitey? He prays for a country where black will not be asked to step to the back of the line and brown will stick around?

Well, I was heartened. Now, I am disappointed.

Bigots come in all colors and religion does not temper the bigot. Rev. Lowery is a bigot. One of those who wants the past to continue, so that they have affirmation for their own small minds.

I am an American, not a bigot. I am an American, not whitey. I am Apache and Cherokee along with the Dutch, German, Irish and Scot. I, like my PRESIDENT, am an "other". I am an American. However, all one will see is the light skin, but I tan a deep brown. : )

How dare this man say "white will embrace right".

What the heck does that mean?!

Screw him and all like him. His attitude was disgusting.

That moron would not know equality if it hit him in the face. All he sees is the PAST.

Please, Lord, deliver us from these fools, in CHRIST's name I pray, amen.

Note that he did not close his prayer with Christ's intercession. Some reverend.

My dog has it right. She cares not what color I am. She cares . . . well, there are times when she stays upwind . . . but you get the idea.

When are there no longer going to be victims?

When will we just be Americans?

Let us hope for a better day.

A day when we are all Americans.

Not this or that.

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