Monday, January 5, 2009

Be Proud, and be thankful for our armed forces.

We should be proud and thankful for our forefather’s bravery, integrity, and fortitude in their act of declaring independence from the most powerful nation on earth at the time.

The Declaration of Independence was a bell weather event in history.

The pursuit of those who signed that declaration was without mercy, remorseless and done to set an example for those who might again challenge the authority of the Crown.

Thank God that the Brits failed and that our forefathers were successful and courageous enough to see through a war that gave us our independence from Britain, the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

There is no other document in any government by any people now or in the past so powerful and protecting of the individual against the despot as the Constitution of the United States. Nor one that is so continually assaulted by a well meaning, but deluded liberal mindset.

There are others today who sacrifice and whose courage and example should be touted across this land. The men and women of the United States military.

Recently, I was in Hawaii working a job at a USMC Marksmanship Range at Puuloa on Oahu. There, I had the privilege to meet some incredible young men and women.

The scars of Iraq were evident after duty hours when they would come out to the range in casual attire to ride their motorcycles or drive their 4X4s down to the beach. To see the extent of some of the physical effects of their encounters with IEDs was sobering. The extended recovery some of these Marines underwent constituted challenges in of themselves daunting and sobering to we mortals.

The mental scars also came out in riding motorcycles and ATVs drunk in the dark, without lights, hoping to quell the images, the dreams, the flashbacks, the detritus of war that never goes away. The memories of buddies so alive one minute and gone the next. The guilt of wondering why one survived and others did not.

These men and women were on the surface professional and alive, and on another locked into a reality that only they and those who had served there could understand. Like all vets of all wars.

Unlike previous wars, excepting the Revolutionary War, as that war was the only other war in U.S. history without a draft, these men and women, like their Revolutionary counterparts were volunteers. Not compelled by anything but their sense of patriotism, their sense of duty, their desire to preserve this country, no matter how much the libs have screwed it up.

Unsung heroes are their families who endure years of hardship, years of not knowing, years of uncertainty, and years of separation. I say years, as it is now years, as most of our troops have served multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan amounting to years away from home.

The families have suffered. Like all too many, my youngest son and his wife divorced after his return from Iraq. His situation was not an exception. The damage to family is a terrible toll that goes unrealized by those who benefit from the sacrifice of soldiers and their families.

God bless those who serve, and their families who endure and sacrifice. And, thank you all for that service and that inconvenience, proving once again that the United States is worth the sacrifice.

For those of you who dishonor our troops, know that you can do so because of the sacrifice of the generation in service today, and those who have gone before. Especially, those guys way back in the beginning who heralded the call to freedom and gave you a Constitution that lets you have your opinion and the right to be a moron.

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