Monday, January 19, 2009

Arrest Bush . . . for what? Being our President?

I read in Fox News and elsewhere the howl of the demagogues to arrest George Bush.

For what?

Successfully prosecuting a war against terrorism?

For buying into every idiotic spending measure the dems wanted?

Bush was more liberal in his spending policies than he was conservative. Government grew under him faster than under any other President since Roosevelt.

The vote was too close to be called a democratic mandate for anything, other than a change of officers at the top.

What now prompts people on the left to now call for arrests of our highest officials?

Especially, since Pelosi/Reid et al voted for the war and the Patriot Act, etc. How does that history reconcile with the reviling by the mad dogs on the left now calling for the arrest of Bush for his part in prosecuting a war that their party leadership supported?

Such incredible partisanship and lack of intellect sounds more like the mob in Revolutionary France, rather than the exuberance of an educated citizen of the 21st century USA.

The only place George Bush showed his true R roots was in his prosecution of war. He did it right, and the U.S. is safer than any other country. France, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Spain and Italy all have suffered at the hands of their extremist Islamic populations. Both Great Britain and Spain actually had their own mini-9-11 with the London and Madrid Station bombings. The rest of the countries have suffered riots and other outrages against good order because of cartoons and other perceived insults to . . . Islam.

What those ideologues on the left need to remember is that this country was founded upon the rule of law. That law begins with the Constitution. All of our leaders, military personnel, federal officials, and federal employees swear an oath to defend that Constitution.

Most of us will not see any political party or the elected official therefrom change, rearrange, or otherwise reduce in import, impact, hierarchy, or authority that august declaration of our rights and the clear and timeless construct of our republic.

My God. Where was the publication of any such outrage, arrogance, stupidity, traitorous, and illegal demands for heads on a pole before the palace gates when George Bush, Ronald Reagan, or any other R President took office?

Only with mad dogs on the left does one get this kind of rhetoric.

The anti "hate speech" anything but our hate speech and anti-Christian anything crowd.

I am disgusted that the world has to see this kind of third world trappings of despotism upon the eve of our first half black half white President taking office.

I fear that with their idol in office, and with the likes of the Pelosi/Reid cabal in Congress, the more radical elements of the left may be moved to try to make their drug induced dream reality.

Let them be warned.

Too many died for the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and for ideal expressed in "one nation, in God we trust, indivisible with liberty and justice for all" for any true citizen to tolerate such drivel and to ignore any unlawful act on the part of our government, just because a the political party in power is driven to excess by its radical anarchists.

The 2d Amendment stands against any who harbour such desires, as does our rule of law.

Let ideologues like Jose Rodriguez of the Arrest Bush morons howl all that they want. Their insanity is protected free speech. Protected by the very Constitution that they believe should be changed to meet their political and social viewpoint. So long as that is all that they do . . . howl, that is.

Ain't freedom grand?

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