Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alaska's Congressional Delegation Votes with the libs

The “hate crimes” rider to the defense appropriations bill just passed had the votes of Alaska’s entire congressional delegation.

Yes, Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Rep. Don Young, two staunch, conservative Republicans voted with the pack, rather than voice their disapproval of this dirty trick by the Reid Senate and the Pelosi House. Of course, Sen. Mark Begich voted with his party to further establish homosexuals as a “protected” class under a system of law that was supposed to be based upon the fact that none stand above any other.

Granted, the defense appropriations bill was important, even though it was cut $2.6 billion by Pelosi and Reid to build monuments to Teddy Kennedy and to payback the party faithful in ear marks. That $2.6 billion was pretty important to our troops. For that reason alone, the bill should have been rejected.

That money was out of the budget for ammunition, weapons, training, and equipment for the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters. Money taken from our troops and put in the pockets of cronies. Money needed for spares and more helicopters, especially CH-47 Chinooks that can operate above 14,000ft, the current ceiling limitation of the H60 Blackhawks used by the Army and Hueys of the USMC.

Meanwhile, in our Congress, the priority is keep pedophiles and homosexuals from being offended by heterosexuals. Once again the liberal congress and Alaska’s congressional delegation said to Hell with our troops and their needs. Why, the egos of this evolutionary dead end faction of our society takes precedent over the welfare of our troops in harms way.

I cannot express my contempt.

Politicians disgust me. They are such cowards. And, liberals have such strange, and perverse priorities.

Another Gold Star Family
Today, Alaska has another Gold Star family. An Alaskan was killed in service to his country yesterday. CPL Gregory M. W. Fleury died when a UH-1N and a AH1W Sea Cobra collided in mid air yesterday in Helmand Province Afghanistan while supporting a DEA drug interdiction mission. CPL Fleury, USMC, was a 2005 graduate of Service High School in Anchorage, Alaska.

Another Marine is on duty in Heaven.

Please pray for this young man’s family.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Stimulus and Alaska jobs

It was recently reported in the ADN that approximately 287 jobs had been saved by the Stimulus Funds received by the State . . . Alaska has about 135,000 employed. That works out to .2% of Alaska's workforce.

In September of last year, there were 2,000 more Alaskans working than in September of this year.

What happened between last year and this year that could have contributed to this decline in jobs?

Obama and a democrat majority in the House and Senate.

America, figure it out next election or we will be greeting each other with the honorific "comrade!".

Friday, October 16, 2009

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

On 18 August, 2008, near Sarobi, Afghanistan, 10 French soldiers were killed. They had recently taken over security for the area from the Italian contingent to NATO for OEF.

The London Times is reporting a disturbing discovery. The Times alleges that the Italians were bribing the Taleban to keep them from attacking Italian construction crews and Italian troops in the area. This is an outrageous conduct on the part of one of NATO’s longest standing members.

The allegations claim that the French had no idea of the bribery to keep Italian troops safe before taking over security duties for the area. When the French troops took over, they were hit hard. The French troops thought they had inherited a relatively quiet area from the Italian’s experience there.

This is a very serious situation. NATO cannot have each contributing country making separate deals with the enemy to keep them from attacking their troops. That is simply traitorous in its scope and intent. Such conduct frees up the Taleban resources in that area for use against the rest of NATO’s forces fighting in their areas to rid Afghanistan of the Taleban’s insanity.

Surely the Italians realized that the monies paid would be used to buy arms and IED components to use against their brothers in arms?

An investigation needs to be undertaken at the highest levels of government. If Italy had a policy to bribe the enemy, then Italy should be forced to pay reparations for all NATO troops killed and wounded during the period their troops were protected by bribes to the enemy. Further, whomever authorized this policy should face trial as a traitor, and be imprisoned for life. Any Italian military who were aware of this policy should face courts martial, and imprisoned for their dishonorable conduct. One cannot fight a war in which one’s trusted allies are buying off the enemy.

Worse to me, as reported in the Washington Times, is the fact that our government has taken $2,600,000,000 ($2.6B) from our military budget that was to be used to support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead, it was reappropriated to feel good projects, such as a Teddy Kennedy Educational Institute for $20,000,000. How much ammunition, equipment, medical supplies, helicopters and spares parts for helicopters could this money have purchased?

On the one hand, we have the Italians bribing the big bad Taleban to leave their troops unharmed. On the other, we have the Obama Administration and its socialist Congress stealing from the defense budget to pay off special interests.

Anyone with a loved one in the military should contact their congressman and the Obama Administration and demand they restore the soldiers’ funding. Cutting the military’s ability to support our troops is simply insane. In that vein, the Italians’ duplicity and the Obama Administration’s failure to support our troops serve the same purpose. This conduct degrades NATO’s ability to wage a war and gives the enemy comfort and solace in the knowledge that the Western governments lack the will to see the conflict through.

How long before the radical Muslim element gets lucky and we are hit again, as on 9-11? Not as if they are not trying, given the recent revelations about CAIR and its association with HAMAS, and the conspiracies broken up by the FBI.

Yet, Obama/Pelosi/Reid et al are going hell bent for leather to establish the U.S. as a socialist state while short sheeting our troops in the field. It can be said that the Italians were just trying to mitigate casualties and avoid controversy at home. By cutting money out of the budget intended for necessary supplies and training, Obama et al have acted with open eyes to endanger our troops in a time of war.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trying to cheat ATG vets

UPDATE: The U.S. Senate passed a new military appropriations bill including a provision that will allow ATG service to be counted towards the 20 year total federal military service pension requirements. Of the 600 former ATG soldiers still alive, only 26 were eligible. The 26 had enough regular military and reserve time for their ATG time to count towards the 20 years.

The Obama Administration is now showing the liberal contempt for those who served.
In WWII, Alaska was the only U.S. territory occupied by a foreign power.

In the early days of the war, a group of volunteers were organized into the Alaska Territorial Guard (ATG) to patrol, protect and serve Alaska. The ATG comprised 6,600 men from 1942 to 1947, the year it was disbanded. The ATG patch is still worn today by the Alaska State Defense Force.

Alaska at the time was a territory, not a State. A distinction seemingly not understood by the Obama Administration.

Under COL Muktuk Marston, these men patrolled Alaska's coasts, broke trails, and did construction work for the U.S. war effort, and served to protect Alaska.

The pension issue arrises over the recognition by the federal goverment that the time served in the ATG counts as military time towards one's 20 year service requirement to collect a pension. For the remaining 26 men, now 25, as one died while this was being prepared, this recognition was bittersweet victory after so many years of not being recognized.

The DOD agreed that these men would receive military pensions starting this year, with the State of Alaska picking up the initial few months until the federal payments began. The Palin Administration went to bat for these veterans and achieved recognition by DOD for their service. Unfortunately, Pres. Obama's Administration reversed its decision and renegged on the earlier decision.

Like the Statehood Compact, ANILCA, and so many other examples of the federal government going back on its word or simply ignoring its promises to Alaskans, once again, Alaskans get the short end of the stick.

Those on active duty with the United States military need to pay heed to what happened to Alaska's ATG veterans.