Saturday, June 27, 2009

Exxon and TransCanada announce LNG option!

Tim Bradner of AJC has it first again.

Nice to know that I am correct in promoting the LNG option to getting Alaska's natural gas to market.

This option will give Alaska an in-state propane industry thanks to the forward thinking folks at the Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority. ANGDA has been working diligently to get our NG supply and distribution issues resolved. The propane initiative is a means to provide an alternate fuel for home heating in the Bush.

Bodes ill for Sarah Palin, as this was an option she campaigned on, then rejected upon becomming governor.

Once again, Sarah falls short.

The Senate will kill it . . . I hope

The House passed the largest tax increase in the history of the U.S.

The Tax and Cap plan to cut carbon emissions will be a major failure, just as it has been in Europe. The only success of these schemes has been to increase the cost of energy generation to business and consumers. The biggest losers have been the consumer, as corporations do not pay taxes, the consumer does. Try telling that to Nancy Pelosi.

I am in Alberta on business, in an area where there are a lot of wind turbines. These turbines provide for 30% of the power to Calgary and 100% of the light rail power for the trams serving Calgary. However, the wind does not always blow.

Where does the power come from when the wind does not blow?

The wind comes from conventional sources--coal and natural gas. The capacity to cover the period for those days when the wind is insufficient has to be provided for.

Alternative energy--wind, solar, and biological--has yet to demonstrate the ability to be cost effective as a replacement for hydrocarbons--natural gas, liquid fuels--and coal.

The only real means to reduce emissions is to build nuclear power plants to replace natural gas and coal fired power plants, and to continue to improve the efficiency of insulating materials for residential and business construction.

There have been eontinuing improvements in vehicle efficiency.

What is missing in all of this, is the third world's part. India and China are the major polluters on Earth. Why are they not working to reduce the impact of their industrialization? They have an advantage over the Western world. The technology to reduce their impact exists. They just choose not to use it.

Pelosi and the other nutcases in Congress have demonstrated that they are completely out of touch and need to be replaced.

This imposition of federal excess is a demonstration of why there is a 10th Amendment.

The States should reject this legislation. However, the Senate has indicated that it will not pass any such legislation, saving everyone from this stupidity.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Will Sarah Palin run for reelection . . . ?

What should Sarah Palin do in 2010?

Our governor has not committed to running for reelection in 2010. Therefore, what is she intending?

Minds with nothing better to ponder want to know!

Ok, I will try to divine her intentions. First, by reading the auguries. The packet of giblets in the turkey will have to do. I am a bit short on goat entrails at the moment.

Well, giblets are giblets. Unless Sarah develops an aversion to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, nothing new there.

Ahhh, the bones. That should show us something. Matilda, let me have your bone. Matilda! Come on dog, it's just a bone! Nuts. Ok, let me see, last night’s chicken dinner ought to do.
Those of you with a squeamish stomach do not look, as I am digging in the garbage. Oh. Gee, Sarah’s tiff with Letterman, the Troopergate mess, Frank Bailey’s tape of his conversation with Lt. Rod Dial, AST, hauling the kids around. . . no, wait, here’s the chicken bones. Yuk.

Wellll, nothing there, either. Except an aversion to hatchets and anything with Tyson on it.

Let’s see, how about Runes? The Vikings cannot have all been wrong. Hmmmm. I am not certain what sacking Dublin again has to do with Sarah Palin, but it keeps coming up. Must be a Viking thing.

I don’t have any peyote, so that is out.

Ahh, starving until a vision appears. I guess I will go out into the wilderness for awhile and see what I hallucinate. Let’s see, lunch is not for another 3 hours, that should do. I will just sit out here on the back porch humming to myself and see what crops up.

Lunch time. Not a minute too soon! Lightheaded, saw an eagle, and a bear, and Sarah with an AR15 muttering something about shooting . . . never mind, but nothing about Sarah’s political intentions.

Cloud interpretation. Rarely tried, but, maybe something will crop up.

Hey, bring me another iced tea, will you? Hot out here!

Finally! Something! Let’s see, hmmm, could it be?

Hey, that one looks like . . . it’s Elvis!

Not what I was hoping for.

I could Google Sarah’s political intentions. Ok, here goes. Nothing, but conjecture and speculation. Give me a good goat entrail to divine any day over Google.

I need the knowledge of the universe! There is God, but it may take awhile and I need the answer today.

Ahh, wait, little Gracie.

My youngest granddaughter has graduated to squealing and making raspberries. It is speculated, by me, anyway, that babies have the knowledge of the universe, but lose it with the first coherent word. That their squeals and raspberries are an attempt to communicate the secrets of cold fusion, faster than light drive, the recipe to Kentucky Fried Chicken, and how to drive faster than the posted speed limit and not get caught. Gracie has achieved such burst mode communication. I shall consult her.

Do not let cute and cuddly fool you. Gracie is a shrewd operator. She is catered to without having to lift a finger. Her smile melts the heart. Wrapped around that pudgy little finger is an understatement.

Ok, here goes. Gracie. Listen carefully, child, this is important . . . Gracie quit chewing on your feet! Concentrate! Ok. (Squeal, laugh, raspberry!). Ok, that’s better. What are Governor Sarah Palin’s (Gracie is very proper, she insists on formality with public officials), political intentions for 2010? Will Governor Palin run for reelection as governor, or will she seek other office?

Squeal, smile—heart melts—squeal, laugh, tugging on blankey, raspberry, raspberry, waving of arms, serious look, grunting, pronounced squeal, frowning. At this point, my daughter, Gracie’s mother, comes and takes the baby. Dad, Gracie needs her diaper changed! Can’t you tell?

Ah, but I know, that contained in that demonstration of the control the little one exercises over the adults, Gracie has imparted what I have been seeking. The knowledge of the intentions of one Sarah Palin for 2010!

Now, if I could just figure out which squeal, or which raspberry?

On a more serious note, who cares?

What happens in 2010 will happen, and it matters not whether or not the current governor wishes to just be governor of Alaska or be something else. That is Sarah Palin’s choice.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Disgusted at the silence

I am disgusted and ashamed at the silence on the part of the 4th Estate. Our vaunted media, the professional journalists who are silent at the killing of a United States Army soldier and the wounding of another United States Army soldier in LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS by a MUSLIM. A MUSLIM who proclaimed to the press and to the courts that he acted because of his religion, not in spite of his beliefs. That his religion demanded that he act as he did.

SILENCE on the part of the mainstream media. SILENCE.

Yet, we hear every minute about the Holocaust Museum killer and the deadly pro life movement. What is common about all of this?

The abortionist's killer was white and prolife; and the nut that invaded the Holocaust Museum was white and a white supremicist. These two fit a specific sterotype: white bigot and white prolife nutcase. So, we get it pounded into out heads at every opportunity how bad these folks are, and that whites are bad as a result. Somehow, these two aberrant indiviuals represent their respective movements as typical adherents.

In the mean time, the abortionist has been raised to the level of a saint, and his abortion clinic is offering to kill babies for free in his memory. Golly. How far down the hill we have slid when murdering babies becomes something to celebrate. Hypocratic oath? We don't need to worry about no stinking hypcratic oath to kill the unborn, or Tiller's case, the partially born, as that was his specialty.

The shooting of two of our soldiers on U.S. soil by a Muslim, a black Muslim who was born and raised in the U.S., does not merit any investigation by our FBI.

Instead, the FBI is "investigating" thje prolife movement in case there is any others associatd with Tiller's killer. Same for Von Brunn with respect to his nutty views.

However, the poor little Muslim, he was just an average con who was unduly influenced by well meaning clerics, but had a bad hair day and decided to off a couple of GIs.

Where is the investigation of the murder of the young soldier and the shooting of his comrade?


Sarah's credit for Exxon/TransCanada

I gave Sarah Palin accolades for the Exxon/TransCanada deal because I thought she deserved a bit of credit for keeping to her guns and not giving in on AGIA--even though I believe AGIA is a dead end.

Hey, I supported her for her run for gov. Still hope she becomes the governor that we all thought she could be.

Unfortunately, AGIA is not an execption where she has about faced once she made the gov's mansion.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hickel's not happy with Exxon/TransCanada deal.

Former Gov. Walter Hickel harshly criticized the deal between Exxon and TransCanada.
His disaffection with Sarah Palin began over her decision to go for a big pipe through Canada versus an all-Alaska natural gas pipeline to Valdez.

And, he is correct.

Neither AGIA nor Denali have all the producers on board. AGIA has Exxon, and Denali has Conoco and BP. Takes 3 to make any large project work.

Then, there are those little details that everyone forgets. Such as, Alaska is short about 80 tcf of NG to keep either AGIA or Denali fed with gas over the 30 years of the life of the financing. Too, Exxon stated earlier this year, that there is too little gas available on a daily basis to make a big pipeline work. 4.5 bcf is available, but 2.5 bcf must be reinjected to pressurize the oil fields daily. This leaves 2 bcf for market, and that is with Pt. Thompson included in the mix.

All of the above was argued during the gubernatorial campaign. Nothing has changed.

The price of oil is 18 times that of NG right now. Guess what use Alaska's NG will have? Keeping the North Slope fields pressurized and separating oil from Alberta tar sands.

While big news, the Exxon TransCanada deal is really so much fluff.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Gov. Sarah Palin with executives of TransCanada
While details are lacking, the participation of Exxon brings AGIA into the realm of reality.
The schedule of events leading to Alaska's gas moving to market is as follows:
Open Season for prospective customers and commitments for NG supplies will happen by July, 2010.
Start of Construction: 2016
Pipeline operational: 2018
Along with the construction of the pipelien from the North Slope to Alberta will be a spur line to Palmer, Alaska from Big Delta to supply the dwindling south central natural gas supply in Cook Inlet.
It appears, given the mileage (1,700) of the pipeline given by the companies, that the TransCanada/Exxon pipeline will terminate at the Alberta Hub for distribution to market.
It is speculated that Alaska's natural gas will be sent in several directions. One possibility is for the gas to be used for tar sands oil recovery. Another is looping the natural gas back to Kitimat for conversion to LNG and shipment to Asian markets. The other use is for distribution through the Canadian pipeline system for use in Canada and U.S. heating and power markets.
Although, I wrote about an alternative, due to the lack of progress, it certainly looks like Gov. Sarah Palin and her Administration have won the pipeline wars.
It is speculated that Governor Paln is down in Houston, TX finalizing the State's position with Exxon.
Good job, Sarah!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Islam, the religion of . . . peace, my ass.

The man who killed the young soldier and wounded another outside of a recruiters office in Little Rock, AR tells all.

He tells us why he was obligated to kill the soldiers and why Islam allows him to do so.

This man is not an exception. He believes himself to be a "good" Muslim.

Thank you President Obama for ignoring the importance of this act, and for placing the young men wounded and killed in the service of their country on native soil below that of a killer of babies. All the while ignoring the festering wound that is Islam in our midst.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The murder of one of our soldiers serving this country stands below that of the murder of a killer of babies?????!!!!

An American soldier is wounded and another killed while standing in front of a recruiting station in Alabama. The act is committed by a black Muslim, practicing the peaceful dictates of his religion. What does our President do to find the killer and any associates of this killer?


Yet the murderer of Dr. Tillman, an aborionist specializing in late term abortions, is killed and all the stops are pulled out to find any associates in the pro life movement.

Yet, the jihadi, a home grown, prison graduate, who found radical Islam while in prison and who decided that he hated the U.S. military and that his religion dictated that he kill on U.S. soil, was just a lonely, misguided moron acting alone. What about his Imam? What about those who encouraged him? Who associated with him?! Those who taught him to hate and that it was alright to KILL our soldiers on American soil in the name of ALLAH?!!!

Nah. He was a black Muslim. Just misguided. Just having a bad day. Decided to off a couple of GIs at a local recruiting station in Alabama. Practice a little jihad on home turf. Just a local, misguided, misunderstood, black Muslim. A practioner of the religion of "peace".

You are showing your true colors, Mr. President.

May G0d bless the families of those two soldiers, may he have mercy and compassion upon the young man killed for no reason and his family, and my he grant the same for the wounded man and his family.

Hey, libs, you proud you voted for Pres. Obama?

The murder of one of our soldiers serving this country stands below that of the murder of a killer of babies?????!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our rights are now . . . selective

A recent decision of the 7th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld Chicago’s hand gun ban.

The decision of the 7th Circuit in favor of Chicago in maintaining its hand gun ban revolved around the idea that the Second Amendment does not have to be obeyed by States and their subdivisions of government. According to the 7th Circuit, States, counties and cities are exempt from obeying the Constitution—but only where Second Amendment rights are concerned.

The Chicago decision puts the 7th Circuit at odds with the 9th Circuit (!), which ruled last year that the Second Amendment applied to the States and lower subdivisions of government.

This decision brings into sharp focus the self-deluding mindset that sets the liberal apart from the conservative. To liberals, the Constitution is perverted to fit their world view, without respect to what the Framers intended. If the liberal mind cannot conveniently find the context under the Constitution that supports their goal, they invent penumbras to enable their ideological desire.

One has to remember that the individual rights enumerated in the Constitution merely affirm individual rights conferred upon a free people by our Creator. These rights were not conferred by man, to be given or revoked at the whim of any political power or despot.

The assault upon talk radio demonstrates that the First Amendment does not protect political speech in the liberal mind, but only serves to protect the policies and ideology of the party in power. Under a Democrat regime, talk radio must be “fair” and “equal” in its presentation of the issues.

Can you imagine our Forefather’s reaction to a demand by the Crown for “fairness” in the presentation of their arguments for independence from England?

The Crown’s idea of fairness was the bayonet and hangman’s noose.

President Obama’s, Sen. Harry Reid’s and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s idea of “fairness” is to silence the opposition once and for all. How far they are willing to go is demonstrated in the unrelenting assault upon the Second Amendment and the perversion of the First Amendment into an instrument of political repression.

During the closing days of the presidential campaign, then Candidate Obama stated those rights that he considered “individual” rights. He excluded the Second Amendment in that dissertation.

The recent selection of appellate Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court further demonstrates Pres. Obama’s subtle intent to scuttle any impeding Constitutional authority. By appointing a judge in whose opinion the Constitution is a work in progress ensures that the liberal agenda will be interpreted favorably, no matter the wording of the Constitution.

Awhile back, I wrote on Pres. Obama’s incredible refusal to divulge proof of his citizenship qualification required by Article 2 §1 of the U.S. Constitution. My point was that if this requirement could be ignored, then so could other articles of the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment.

The First and Second Amendments and Article 2 are under assault in the Democrats’ expression of power.

It was a liberal Supreme Court majority that did most of the damage where the Ninth Amendment was concerned.

How long before any of the 1st through the 15th Amendments become inconvenient to those in power?

Obviously, the First and Second Amendments already are.

How long before the “Crown” resorts to the bayonet and the hangman’s noose to silence opposition?

The intent of the Framers of the Constitution and the arguments of that creative process have been well documented leaving little doubt as to the limitations imposed upon government intended.

There can be no compromise where the Constitution of the United States is concerned. It means what it says, and it only means what is stated.

The government cannot restrict that which was conferred by our Creator. To do so is to confirm the reason and need for the Second Amendment.

Regardless of party label, beware the political power that acts to silence the opposition.

Above all, beware the President who ignores the Constitution.

Educate your children as to the meaning and rights affirmed by the Constitution. Every family, and every citizen should have a copy of the Constitution.

There is no other document in the history of this world that confers upon a people the power to prevent government excess. The balance between the peoples’ freedom and government power
is maintained by the Second Amendment.