Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sarah Palin is a Trojan Horse

The book Sarah should have written--graphic by Larry Wood, all rights reserved.

Former Governor Sarah Palin says that she wants to be major player in national politics . . . if the people will have her. Given the mewling supplication on the part of Limbaugh, Hannity, even Dennis Prager, that support is definitely there amongst the national talk show pundits.

Sarah has been given a platform that she herself lauded in her gubernatorial campaign. A platform of family first, prolife, staunch fiscal conservative, and smaller government is better. All of which her record as governor denies. Sarah is also lauded as some sort of oil and gas expert, a standing AGIA has demonstrated is false.

The Republican Party has an opportunity to recoup congressional seats in the 2010 elections. The Republican Party may be able to reclaim power in Congress and the Presidency in 2012. However, the Republican Party will certainly fail in both opportunities if the pundits keep up the rant that Palin is the Joan of Arc of conservative politics. If they continue to sell this failed politician as something she is not: a conservative.

An intensely ambitious opportunist, yes . . . a conservative, no.

Palin is not Joan of Arc, heroic in her campaign to rid the nation of the socialist big government is best agenda. Palin is the Trojan Horse that will bring down conservatism. She is a false fa├žade or the hollow woman. Tough and glitzy on the outside, but lacking substance on the inside.

There are those pundits and her biographers, such as Confetti, who will claim that a trip to Hong Kong to speak to a bunch of investment bankers give her gravitas and “foreign policy” experience. That this experience gives her authority in foreign affairs and makes her eligible for the Presidency.

Those who were in her government, who had to deal with her, disagree with the pundits. They have seen Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is everything she was criticized for during the gubernatorial campaign. She is merely a place holder, who contributes nothing to the conversation, and makes no decisions. She does not lead; she sits and lets others establish policy, and then rails against those who undermine her policies.

I horror to think of the soap opera this failed governor would bring the office of President of the United States, given the incredible silliness of her focus on absolutely specious ethics complaints. That she spent $500,000 defending herself from such specious partisan interdiction to her governance, and the incredible impact that such had upon her governance should be enough to remove Sarah Palin from anything other than a mouthpiece for the Republican Party.

Sarah had a mandate from the people of Alaska to make an Alaska government that was smaller, more efficient, more responsive, open and transparent, and conservative. She promised much, and did nothing towards those goals. She is a RINO, not a conservative.

Look at her record as Governor of Alaska, short as it was. It speaks for itself.

Sarah Palin is a quitter, nothing more, nothing less. A failed leader, who was only a leader in her own mind.

She does connect with people and she says all the right things. However, that is all that she does or will do for the Republican Party. She is not a leader.

If the Republican Party is to regain power, the party must find another Ronald Reagan that can play to her rhetoric, but who will do as he or she says. Reagan made us feel good about America, but he acted to make his words reality. Sarah Palin will only mouth the words, she will not do the deeds.

Yes, Sarah Palin is a Trojan Horse. She will bring down the Republican Party’s goals in these coming elections and condemn all of us to a new socialist America that will be but a vestige of what it was before Obama, Pelosi and Reid gained power.

We need conservative leaders who will do more than show a pretty face and mouth words. Let Sarah be a lightening rod to liberals, but understand that is all that she is, and keep her out of office. She will turn the elections into a circus of the absurd if she is allowed to be more than just a talking head.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rights of our Children

Our children have rights.
They have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
They have the right to be free to imagine, grow, play, learn, and to expect love, protection and compassion from adults.
Instead, we have abortion, we have NAMBLA, we have lesbian recruiting in our high schools and junior highs, we have NEA prosetlyzing the homosexual lifestyle openly in our schools, and we have an anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-American culture being promoted by our liberal politicians and liberal educators through federal edicts tied to federal funds at the very highest levels of government down to our schools.
We are silent when it comes to child sexual abuse.
We are silent when it comes to physical abuse of children—I mean physical abuse, I don’t mean a swat on the butt for being naughty!
We are silent when sex is promoted to our youngest children as being something that they should be engaging in at an early age.
We are silent when Madison Avenue promotes sex to our kids like candy.
We are silent when the clothes our children wear make them look like a $2 whore or gangbanger.
We are silent when a child speaks filth.
We are silent when a child disrespects an adult.
We are silent when our children kill one another, rape one another, and injure one another.
We are silent when we allow our children to be used by others for crime, to commit murder and mayhem.
What are we conservatives doing?
We are letting it happen.
The only battle line is abortion. The only outcry is for or against abortion.
Our pastors in the pulpits are cowards who mouth words, but fail to find out if their flock is healthy, or diseased, part of the problem, or a potential solution.
We let our politicians lie and steal, yet we say and do nothing.
We let our courts ignore the moral law and practice an unequal application of the secular law when it comes to justice for a child harmed by an adult or another child.
We are such cowards and so morally bankrupt that we cannot protect our children.
One nation under God, justice and liberty for all . . . except for our children.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Open and Transparent does not exist in Alaska's State Gov't

Alaska’s state government has been heavily criticized over the past few years from all sides for a lack of transparency. Criticisms have been made about meetings of the Legislature and the Executive branches held behind closed doors, along with the penchant for the judiciary to hide the crimes of their own.

It is one thing for a candidate to rail about the lack of transparency of the opposition’s administration, then to take office and repeat the same offenses. Sarah Palin railed against Murkowski’s closed door meetings with the oil companies. When she took office, she did the same, including closed door meetings with the Legislature. Sean Parnell’s Administration continues the practice.

What is hidden from we peons is a practice that is an affront to the idea of a constitutional government and the rule of law that is supposed to protect us all. Worse is the damage to the concept of openness in disclosing the machinations of a regime through public disclosure.

The State’s Freedom of Information Act has been compromised along with the disclosure of any document from any branch for any reason by a practice that is so cynical and so abhorrent in its intent so as to make a mockery of the words “open” and “transparent” when referring to an administration’s conduct.

What am I referring to? I am referring to the requirement of the Department of Law to review investigations and documents requested by FOIA under AS 40.25.100-120 and/or any document requested from a State agency for any reason.

The documents which can be refused are defined under AS 40.25.120. Certain aspects for the basis of refusal are a case of “duh” in terms of the obviousness of the need for discretion. However, the State has taken this need to protect its own to a new low.

Documents so reviewed are subject to being redacted, meaning information is changed at the discretion of the Assistant Attorney General reviewing the documents in question. One has to wonder how that sets with the courts to received documents so redacted?

Further, why would it be necessary to send any documents not meeting the criterion under AS 40.25.120 to the DOL for review? Every agency in the State has a legal department that should be competent to review the documents in question without subjecting them to further review by then DOL. In imposing this added bar to open and transparent government, an administration can selectively filter anything that it does not want to disclose, and who is the wiser? How do we peons know that DOL actually conducted a review of the documents in question?

Even the courts can be circumvented by this malarkey.

How do I know about this impediment to open and transparent?

I have requested the results from two investigations by the Dept. of Military and Veterans Affairs into the conduct of a certain appointee of the last two administrations. I am also a subject of those reports and have never been privy to the contents thereof. Yet, DMVA has delayed the disclosure of those reports for months, and when I finally informed them that I wanted to review and then copy as provided for under AS 40.25.100, I was informed that the documents in question would be sent to the DOL for review with respect to AS 40.25.120. How long will this process take? Who knows? It has been months and months for DMVA to disclose the existence of documents that are one year and 4 years old respectively, and still no end in sight as my being able to review a copy of either document.

I had to provide the Director of Administration the author’s name of one of the reports, as this individual indicated that DMVA could not find it. Now, DMVA miraculously found it, and it, with the other report, is allegedly headed to DOL for review, even though DMVA has attorneys on staff.

I firmly believe, and it is a matter of standing precedent, that when one is appointed to a post in an administration by the governor, one is in the public eye. Further, one’s conduct and performance are a matter of public record, and that the results of any investigation are public record. That’s just part of the price for holding one of those well paying political appointee jobs.

In the present case, the subject of the reports was an appointee of both the Murkowski and Palin Administrations and was a good friend of the current Lt. Governor Craig Campbell.

It is too bad that Gov. Sean Parnell cannot see that open and transparent is not withholding lawfully requested documents from one of the subjects of those reports. It sets a dangerous precedent and definitely shows that the Parnell Administration is a mirror of the Palin hypocrisy.

I also discovered this policy also applies to reports made to such agencies as the Office of Children Services that one has made in defense of a minor. If you make a report to OCS in writing, then request a copy of that report at a later date for a court proceeding, you might receive a redacted copy.

CYA should not exist in State government. It is time that such self serving conduct ended. Better the AG’s time be spent on prosecuting the law, than hindering the disclosure of conduct on the part of a state official that might turn out to be embarrassing to an administration or two.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans' Day--Give thanks to our heroes

I am certain that I join Gov. Sean Parnell in expressing the thanks of my family to those serving and those who have served this great country. They are the thin red line that keeps us free and the barbarians from the proverbial gates/

We have vets who have done four tours of one year each, with sailors, Marines and airmen who have done equal time doing six months tours in country. The toll on them and their families is incredible and little appreciated by all too many.

I have seen the scars and wounds some of these young men bear from IEDs and VBEDs. They are simply incredible in the strong, positive manner in which they carry on in the face of their challenge in this life.

We owe them all a debt of gratitude that those safe and warm, who have never really been inconvenienced by this war, or any war, cannot appreciate, because of our inability to fully relate to their sacrifice.

The heat, sand, dust, rain, cold, snow, the itching from sweat, being rubbed raw by straps and equipment, blisters, lack of sleep, aching muscles, stink of unwashed bodies, insects, putting up with equipment and gear that is war weary, that fear in the pit of your stomach, and the adrenaline surge of the fight that cannot be imagined by those safe and warm back in the world of the good old U.S.A.—except where the gangbangers play and induce fear. The horror and sense of loss of one of your own who has fallen.

These guys and gals fight for their own, their sense of honor and duty will not let them fail their buddies. They go back in harms way time and again for their friends and comrades, not to cop out, not to let them down; to be there for them.

Then, there are the families. Those who are now Gold Star families who lost their loved one. Their sacrifice ongoing. That pain will never diminish. And, those whose loved one is damaged physically beyond our current medical technology to fix, and those damaged mentally from what they’ve seen and done. The families of those who go again and again in harms way who live that not knowing every day and who worry, but who themselves soldier on for their loved one.

Then, there is the damage to the families, those who divorce for whatever reason; too long away, one day too many of not knowing, of feeling that the unit comes first over the family, on and on. We know that situation all too well.

The greatest generation is not dead. They are wearing the uniform of the Untied States military. The best and greatest military fielded by any nation at any time in any age.

Our children have heroes as role models. All they have to do is to look up at the aircraft protecting our skies and hauling needed supplies to the troops; the grey ships on the world’s seas, and the bright red and white Coasties in our coastal waters and around the world; to look as far their next door neighbor with the “high and tight” haircut who stands tall in uniform; to the young man or woman in the wheel chair or in a hospital bed in a VA hospital; or to just look as far as mommy and/or daddy, brother, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, grandma and grandpa and great grandma and great grandpa.

That old man who shuffles along with bent back might have been a young Marine witness to Tarawa’s and Saipan’s horrors, a young Ranger or Paratrooper who survived D-Day when too many of their comrades did not, did the attack to the rear from the frozen Chosin; the old woman who might have been a nurse or a mechanic, or a pilot flying aircraft to the war theaters all over the world; or the grandma who was a nurse when the VC breached the wire and got as far as the field hospital. You don’t know until you ask.

Thank a vet and those in uniform for their service and sacrifice. Remember not to forget to tell them to thank their families on your behalf for their sacrifice, too.

May God bless our service men and women and our vets and protect those in harms way in far off lands.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The petition for the rights of the unborn

A national movement has finally hit Alaska. This movement seeks to extend Constitution protection to the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” to the unborn. Given former Governor Sarah Palin’s avowed pro-life stance, one wonders if Governor Sean Parnell will add his voice in support of this initiative?

Thus far, Parnell has stood firm on Palin’s policies and even moved forward with a few of his own. Parnell has strongly advocated support for education by promoting an educational policy that would give those with a B average a choice of college or a technical vocational school. He has supported increasing the Village Public Safety Officer program, encouraging increased recruitment to fill vacancies in the program. He also called for increasing the Alaska State Trooper presence to an additional 2 troopers in Bethel, a regional hub, an additional 2 troopers in Nome and one in Nome. At the AFN convention, he also called for increased education along with increased enforcement to curb the endemic of violence and sexual abuse in the villages. Parnell has also called for increasing tax credits to the tourism industry to try to stimulate that sector of the economy. Unlike Sarah Palin, his predecessor, Parnell has yet to speak out on the issue of whether or not the State should be in the business of killing babies in the womb.

The impact of this initiative would raise the awareness that sex has consequences. At present, the female under U.S. law may abort a pregnancy, even if her spouse or male partner disagrees with that decision. Statutory rape in many cases of minor pregnancies goes unreported, as Planned Parenthood, which opposes this initiative, has time and again ignored the law in such matters, counseling always to abort the unborn in such cases. Never once, counseling to prosecute for the abuse and victimization of the minor female.

Statistically, it is rare for a 13 year old girl to be impregnated by having sex with a minor male. The male’s age in such cases seems to run from 18 to 42, with the average age of those males victimizing young girls being in the 20s to early 30s. Even Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, that icon of the ACLU, has advocated that the age of consent for females be lowered to 12.

This victimization of the underaged female, and the failure of society to remark or to react with condemnation point to the success of the goal of the liberals who want to use our children for sex toys. This success is marked by the revealing clothes young girls wear, MTV, the ever younger indoctrination of our young in public schools about sex and alternative lifestyles, and the advertizing and music that they are inundated with. The exploitation and current depravity of Britney Spears is heralded as a role model for young girls. In schools, girls display colored bands to denote what they are willing to do or what they have done sexually.

Abortion is part of the desensitization of society to the taboos associated with how we view and treat our young, subject to our individual and societal moral compass. Which compass is usually a product of exposure to religion at some point or another. After all, we term our system of religion and law Judeo-Christian.

The homosexual agenda shares in the goal of the liberal establishment that seeks to breakdown morality and the family to accomplish recruitment for casual sex at ever younger ages. One of the most notable examples is the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), supported by Kevin Jennings, President Obama's director of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools (OSDFS).

Another byproduct of abortion is the current illegal migrant worker situation. These are foreign nationals that are in the U.S. illegally, who are taking jobs, benefits and resources that are rightfully the purview of the naturalized U.S. citizen and their children. Abortion has created the demand for labor by terminating approximately 45 million Americans before birth, too many in the last trimester of the reproductive process. We have killed those before they are born who would otherwise be there to replace an aging and diminishing U.S. workforce.

Abortion has created paradoxes in our law that has resulted in the paradox of those who kill the unborn being hailed by the liberal establishment as heroes. On the other hand, the unborn who is considered viable, but killed in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver becomes a victim and subject to the protection of the law as a count of manslaughter or second degree murder.

Our governor could define his moral compass to the Alaska public by speaking in support of this initiative. Let us hope that he does so in the near future.