Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama's Speech today . . . what?!!!!

I am sick of the dems crying that there is something wrong with the U.S. That somehow, this nation is in perilous straits, and that only Barak Obama can somehow lift us out of this turmoil and conflict. That our economic woes are so bad, our children may starve without dem help! Why, we must spend ourselves back into economic prosperity by taxing the rich and the not so rich and the working and everybody but the illegal alien sucking the life out of our health care system . . . and, well, . . . you get the idea.

What a croc of pure unadulterated male bovine offal.

Who voted overwhelmingly for the bail out of the Wall Street billionaires' club?

Who cried for the economic stimulus package that benefits only those guilty of the greatest theft of money the world has ever seen--all of which can be largely lain at the feet of Barney Frank and Henry Waxman, not to mention Pelosi, Reid, et al. And, Bush, who signed the legislation without reservation.

What a croc.

I am not a citizen of a broken country.

I am not in need of my government's anything, except for that government to secure the borders, to insure the defense of this country, and to provide roads.

The rest of the government's interference is largely the duplicity and illusion through an interstate commerce act that gave the federal government no rights to interfere in the business of the State's except for interstate commerce. That was Congress acting with the duplicity of the Supreme Court. An expansion of federal power not granted by the Constitution, btw.

Why are so many tearing us down who know better?

"Yes we can!" the Obama supporters chanted during the race to the White House. "Yes we can . . . what?", the rest of us wondered.

Bush did not leave the U.S. in any worse condition than he found it. The military is certainly better off, even for the war.

Jobs were up, until the dems had to cover their butts over the housing mortgage scandal that they perpetrated upon this country. And, yeah, Bush signed the legislation. Just trying to be a "compassionate" conservative.

There is nothing wrong with the U.S.

Those in Congress and the White House both created the sub prime mess and encouraged it to buy votes. The party affiliation does not matter.

The same shortsightedness is still being exercised with respect to the issue of immigration and the insanity of continuing to invite radical Islam into this country in the face of the turmoil, pain and suffering of the people where it is in power.

In spite of that cynicism on the part of our political leadership, we are going to be just fine.

We would be better off even sooner if we got together and threw a bunch of double dealing investment bankers and most of Congress into the Hudson River right along with the rest of the trash.

Oh, yeah.

Just read, learn, and talk. You will figure it out sooner or later.

Those that want to "do it all for you", such as Barak Obama and Nancy Pelosi, they are the ones you must watch.

For theirs is the philosophy of "do not do as we do, but do as we say" and "what's yours is ours" to give to someone else who did not earn it in the first place.

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