Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pelosi and the Dems want to . . . prosecute?

Today's Fox News gave an interview with our illustrious House Speaker. Madam Rep. Pelosi stated to the effect that the dem Congress might just not be able to overlook the issues of the war, intelligence gathering, and those other illegal activities that the Bushies used to keep us free of terrorism within our own borders the last 8 years.

She was amongst those who stood and cheered and applauded the President when he made his speech to Congress about the course of the United States in responding to 9-11. Bush hid nothing.

She was a member of the Congress that passed every act the President asked for.

Where's the beef in her alleging that there must be investigations and prosecutions for any Bush official when it comes to the prosecution of a war she voted for?

Her counterparts in the Senate have been the most flagrant. Sen. Harry Reid was widely considered to be the person whose office leaked information to the press regarding intelligence activities.

Sen. Boxer, or was it Feinstein, on the appropriations subcommittee pushed $10s of millions in contracts to a company by the name of RSR Environmental.

RSR went from about $200,000 per year in military environmental contracts to $10 million the first year the aforementioned democratic senator's husband purchased stock in the company.

I have little doubt, that given Nancy Pelosi's hardball tactics within her own party ranks in Congress, that there is undo influence and more than just one or two situations that if subjected to the scrutiny of the law that would land her posterior behind bars. She is a hardcore left ideologue who will shout the law to all who can hear to keep the proletariat from learning the truth about the democratic house of glass and her excesses.

I guess the dems actually figure that if they lie enough, and shout that Bush's people did illegal acts when they did not, that we are stupid enough to ignore the truth and take the dem tripe verbatim without recognizing the lie for what it is: a means to consolidate power and reduce the likelihood of the dem party retaining its preeminence in Congress and the Presidency.

To waste the country's time and money at a time of economic challenge is an indication that vendettas are more important than the welfare of the country.

Any prosecutions alleged by Pelosi and her ilk are not about the sanctity of the law. They are about securing and insuring power without any fair recourse to the Republicans. The intent of the dems is to deep six the ability of the Republican Party to gain and hold power in the country.

Looking at the difference in the party platforms, I take the R platform any day. I like going to caucuses where we discuss family, life, and patriotism openly. Where we take pride in our military and honor the young men and women serving. A party where language, borders and culture mean the U.S. border, the English language, and OUR culture. Where unity is the key, not divisiveness--read diversity. Where there is only 3 colors: RED, WHITE, and BLUE. Where all are Americans, not hyphenated anything.

The dems give lip service to the military and only tolerate the military for its use as a social experiment.

The dems extoll death in abortion.

The dems deny marriage is between a man and woman. Two Ms or two Fs don't make a third anything. Homosexualism is a sad "evolutionary" DEAD END.

Dems believe business is bad and that more government handing out everything and keeping those bad Christians and conservatives quiet is good.

Dems believe religion and morality is bad. That the 1st Amendment means that pornography and sexual perversion of all types is to be readily available in our public libraries at public expense, but that the Word of God is verboten in any context and an affront to them.

That feeling good is the priority in life, not having personal responsibility is a right, and that being pregnant, unmarried, and female is the way families should be.

The dems believe that courts should legislate, not the people. Judges are to be the arbiters of their socialist agenda, not elections. Voting is bad, except where the fraud benefits the dem candidate or issue.

I was a democrat. A very long time ago. I changed parties when the dem party became a party of not asking what you could do for your country, but demanding that your country owes you a living.

The last TRUE democrat in Congress was Zell Miller of Georgia. He was the last of the true conservative dems. The last of the Kennedy (as in John) dems. The last of the dems who believed in the individual, not government. Who believed in tax breaks, not more taxes.

John Kennedy was responsible for the greatest tax cuts in the history in the history of the U.S. He believed in life. What happened to that dem party?

So, you see, when Nancy Pelosi starts talking vendettas, that the law must prevail, hide. Load your weapons, and wait. The time will come when we will have refresh the tree of liberty. I fear, all too soon.

Thank you, Lord, and George Washington for the 2d Amendment. (That GW is family, btw.)

I fear not my government, but my government damn well better not step beyond the law, or my government will be held accountable by we the people.

So there.

I think Pelosi is a bully who is riding a false crest of populist support that is not there, nor was ever there in the first place. Saying that the dems had a mandate is belied by the figures. I believe that she and the other dem socialist fruitcake ideologues will be spitting nails before the first year of the Obama administration is over. The reality is, that Obama picked a largely centrist cabinet. He understood the nature of the vote, and is in for the long haul, in spite of Pelosi's stupidity and shortsightedness. He will divorce himself from her extremism, until his second term when he has nothing to lose. That is when we will see Barak Obama, the socialist.

In the mean time, let Pelosi, Reid and the other morons howl in the wind and rattle sabers. Sooner or later, after the next Congressional election, they will understand that they are too far from their president and that the people did not vote a socialist agenda, they voted against a false conservative and a false conservative Congress. That those who voted dem who would have otherwise voted R voted dem to force change in the R party by sending a strong message to the neo cons.

This election was a bell weather event for the R party. Return to conservative values, or forget it until the party returns to its core values.

Every one forgets, GW campaigned twice on conservative values, and won.

Pelosi is a fool going down the path of poltiical vendetta, all she is doing is insuring the demise of dem power . . . hmmm . . . on second thought, GO PELOSI! (Big smiley face goes here.)

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