Thursday, January 22, 2009

Compeon and Ramos Revisited

The indictment and conviction of not less than three federal Border Patrol officers and one county sheriff's deputy on charges of allegedly violating the civil rights of . . . illegal aliens should send a chilling message to all U.S. citizens, not just law enforcement.

The more I learn about the Ramos and Compeon case, the more disturbed I am regarding the actions of the federal prosecutor and Homeland Security in prosecuting these men. In this case, two Border Patrol agents were engaged in the apprehension of a suspected drug smuggler. Said drug smuggler was just trying to bring 700 lbs of marijuana into the U.S. Allegedly, Ramos and Compean were convicted for failing to file a shooting report and at least one other procedural violation resulting in evidence tampering charges by the feds. Also present during the incident, were not less than five other Border Patrol agents, including two supervisors.

Ramos and Compean were then charged under federal code, and drug through a highly controversial witch hunt resulting in incredibly strict sentences, including the refusal of the trial court to allow them out on bail while awaiting appeal. Something that, were they heinous criminals, would have been heralded as violations of their due process rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Prior to trial and during the proceedings, the illegal alien drug smuggler was given U.S. Social Security rights, a free pass into and out of the country that exempted his vehicles from searches, prosecutorial immunity, and free medical care. What did this guy do to thank the U.S. for its insanity? He brought in at least another 700 pounds of marijuana for the U.S. drug trade with impunity.

In 2003, a Border Patrol agent by the name of Sipes allegedly swacked a known drug dealer from Mexico with a flashlight while making the arrest. The drug dealing illegal alien whined, and the BP agent was convicted of violating the scum's alleged constitutional rights and assault. Like the illegal drug runner in the Ramos-Compean case, this guy was also allowed to continue business as usual using a U.S. government supplied pass card that eliminated any vehicle inspections when entering the U.S.

BP agent Sipes was recently granted a new trial, and the jury exonerated him three years after the fact. He suffered the destruction of his marriage and damage to his career in law enforcement. I hope he sues the crap out of the federal prosecutor for malicious prosecution.

In both cases, the drug smuggler and drug dealer were provided with benefits undisclosed to the juries in each of the cases. These benefits included immunity from prosecution, U.S. social security cards, free passes to come back and forth across the border, free medical, and the means to sue the U.S. Literally, these guys were given "get out jail free" cards, for "cooperating" with federal prosecutors who were trying to hang our law enforcement officers doing their job.

In the Hernandez case, he made a traffic stop while on duty as a county sheriff. He fired at the rear tire of the van that had allegedly tried to run him down, and one of his bullets fragmented after hitting the steel wheel, ricocheting through the van floor and striking an illegal alien in the tooth, causing the tooth to chip. The individual with the chipped tooth was provided with free medical care, prosecutorial immunity, and legal help to sue the State of Texas and the United States, and to provide testimony against Sheriff's Deputy Hernandez.

The Hernandez case was investigated by the Texas Rangers. No violations of state law were found, and no charges were filed. In comes the feds, and Hernandez goes to jail for using excessive force and violating an illegal alien's constitutional rights.

The federal prosecutor in all three cases has been one Johnny Sutton. Mr. Sutton's prosecution has been demonstrated to be outrageous in his claims of the actions of the various law enforcement officials charged.

For those who would say that each man had a trial by jury, and that there must have been something there to cause the juries to convict, I say, the jury only knows what it hears. When the prosecutor lies and fabricates evidence, and the judge fails to protect the rights of all involved, a miscarriage of justice is likely.

Two Homeland Security investigators lied to Congress regarding claims of impropriety on the part of Ramos and Compeon based upon information supplied by prosecutor Sutton=s office.. Charges are pending against them for perjury before Congress.

In each case, the government of Mexico intervened and demanded the prosecution of the officers concerned. Homeland Security under Michael Chertoff gleefully complied, and set Texas federal prosecutor Sutton off on the destruction of these mens' careers. All lost their jobs and their careers. Compeon and Ramos are in federal prisons and Hernandez is in a federal jail awaiting sentencing.

The message to law enforcement along our border with Mexico is very clear. Interfere with the traffic of drugs or people, and you will be charged with a crime and go to prison.

I think the State of Texas needs to have their Texas Rangers investigate Homeland Security, the Texas federal District Court, and the offices of one Johnny Sutton, federal prosecutor.

Something stinks.

Post: Man did this situation ever stink. Pres. Bush finally commuted an incredibly harsh sentence for what was recognized by all as overkill and had it been left to the Border Patrol, an administrative sanction offense. This situation against these men was done to send a message to our Border enforcement. Then came operation Jump Start with the National Guard. What a joke that was. Our troops were openly challenged by Mexican drug cartel mercenaries on the U.S. side of the border in broad daylight several times. That was an act of war. Now, we have Pres. Obama who promises amnesty for all illegals.

The rape of the United States continues.

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