Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bovines found to be a major pollutant source . . .

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I found out something that the greenies appearing on these pages have overlooked in their global warming doom and gloom myth perpetuation. Are you prepared for this earth shattering news?

18% of the global output of greenhouse gas emissions is attributed to . . . cows. Bovines. Moos. Claribell. Oh, yeah. And, this ain't no bovine offal! This is the findings of another study, this time sponsored by the U.N.

I remember a similar study in the 70s funded by the U.S. to study bovine emissions (flatulence) to the tune of around $500,000 at the time.

I have always wondered just how the scientists measure the output of a cow=s flatulence. Must be a heck of a job, is all I can say, as methane, the primary gas emitted in the explosive digestive process of the bovine, is such a small molecule that it will pass through any gas mask filter with ease. Just ask any G.I. who has been stuck in an enclosed area with Private so and so who had beans and beer in copious quantities the night before.

Oh, yeah, there is no escaping the malodorous fragrance of any . . . fart, much less a cow . . . fart. Too, methane comes out of the rear of the bovine, which leaves the science to those less prudish, and probably on their way to a vocation in proctology. Or, at least to the rest of us, having a questionable interest in the southern end of a northbound bovine.

Can you imagine being caught down wind of a whole herd who have worked to synchronize the release of such internal pressures? Holy cow!

When one has 4 stomachs, as does the average cow, the ability to produce and pressurize is probably at an all time high for mammals.

Kind of makes one wonder what a herd of brontosaurus produced in the way of methane output? Heck, if we had a couple of brontosaurs, we probably would not need AGIA! Just shove a pipe up . . . uh, let's see . . . the rectal orifice and feed them refried beans and beer by the truck load!

The mere thought of all that saurian produced methane would give Wayne Carmony and MEA=s Board an orgasmic experience seconded only by the thought of a multi-megawatt coal fired power plant totally funded by a grant from DOE! Not to mention that the State of Alaska would not have to share any revenues produced with the feds, so long as the tail end of the brontosaurs were on state lands. (Sarah would be proud of my thinking of that one.)

Alas, saurian behemoths and not so behemoths are but stone, so long dead that none can remember seeing one. Unless, you have the DVD version of Jurassic Park and its sequels.

I read recently where Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA was recovered from fossilized muscle tissue. Hmmm. Maybe. Where is Steven Spielberg when we need him, huh? Although, the T-Rex might not be the best idea for a domesticized methane biological production unit. They probably produced great quantities of methane, but it is the feed stock that is the problem. Or is it?

If you fed the recreated T-Rex cows, you would reduce the green house emissions by 18%. Hey, an environmentally friendly greenhouse emissions solution! (Just don't stop feeding them cows!)

I guess that raises another issue regarding hamburgers, steaks, etc. In which case, Australia has a kangaroo problem. Ready made solution. Roo steaks anyone?

I have read the opinions of the local ding-a-lings passing themselves off as experts on global warming. Autos produce 14% of the emissions. Cows 18%. Now, stop and think about this for a minute. What about the spreading zones in the world's oceans? Volcanic emissions? Trees? Algae? On and on. The arrogance of the human mind.

Michael Criton had it right. Global warming is just another iteration of the fear game. A year ago it was H5N1. Previously, it was an ice age, or whatever the news mills spewed out to sensationalize beyond all reality. It is always something to instill fear and to keep the mind unsettled.

Gee, if we were not so afraid of this and that, why we might actually pay attention to the fact that Sen. Diane Feinstein directed over $1BILLION of our tax dollars to her husband's companies during her tenure on the Senate Appropriations Committee, or that H.R. 1592 just passed out of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee is an attempt to create a category of hate speech, as has been done in the commonwealth countries to such devastating effect upon free speech, especially religious free speech. Gee, I wonder which sexual preference group is behind that one?

Carbon free society my . . . donkey. Pull your heads out of your collective posteriors and know that if we do not pay attention to those we entrust to do our business in government, we will be out of a Constitution before we know it, and . . . we will be forced to read Al Gore's book!

(Forced high pitched screaming into the distance . . . )

Note: Actually, it is the cows' burp that produces most of the bovine methane released into the atmosphere. About 6 million metric tons of methane per year is burped into the atmosphere by U.S. cows. (Don't tell Al Gore, or you can kiss that Big Mac and ice cream good-bye!)

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