Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 4th

July 4th, Independence day.

Alaskans, remember the sacrifice in blood.

Freedom is not free.

Ask any soldier.

Remember those crosses in our national cemeteries.

Blood and sacrifice.

Duty, honor, country.

Then, why, is it that we have allowed our beginnings to be denigrated, perverted, and almost forgotten?

Why have we allowed perversion and distortion to become truth?

Why is it that we allowed all that we know to be good and true to become less?

Why have we become so complacent about the death of the unborn when we once rejoiced and held life above all . . . ?

Where is morality and God in our lives?  Without a moral compass, there is no freedom, just slavery.

We thought we had won the Cold War against Soviet Communism when the Berlin Wall came crashing down and the Soviet Empire crumbled. We were wrong.  The enemy was us. The war against those who would destroy this country has become American against American, the radical left against the right, liberals against conservatives. The liberal is now the old communist who works for the creation of the State controlled everything and the destruction of all that we held to be American:  family, life, our culture, our history, our work ethic, our sovereignty, our language, our morality, and our integrity as a nation.

Would those who sacrificed to take the plunge into uncharted waters in 1776 have done so if they knew how we squandered what they created?

The second Great American Revolution has begun.  Let us hope that this war will be resolved at the ballot box.