Monday, January 26, 2009

Pelosi' Solution for Fixing the Economy: Abortion

If you are looking for new ideas with respect to the state of the economy and social issues, look no further than There, you will not find any new ideas, but you will find a blueprint for change that is definitely socialist and nothing new.

Worse, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has let the cat out of the bag. One of the major solutions to the economic downturn is . . . abortion.

Killing the unborn will save the states money over the life of that child. Therefore, rather than pay for child care, health care, and education, the solution is to kill the kid before the baby is born. (,

Hitler had a similar solution.

Stalin had such a solution.

Pol Pot and Rwanda were the most recent examples of this solution.

Killing while still in womb makes it easier to kill once out of the womb.

Yes, grandma Pelosi, let us continue to encourage the killing of someone else's kid. Not yours.

Yes, Pres. Obama, you pat your daughters on the head and smile in pride, but condone the killing of the unborn of others.

Too many white, black and latino from unwed moms who bought into the idea of sexual freedom at the bidding of your party, Mr. Pres and Madam Pelosi. Too many underage. Unprepared. Lacking maturity and judgment for their actions, but encouraged and sold out by adults seeking to use their misery to build power.

I am disgusted and angered that the leadership of this country could embrace such an abhorrent act as abortion as a solution to an economic downturn.

I further believe that this is an example of the "change" and the "new ideas" of the Obama crew, God help us.

There is nothing new here. Just more death and misery.

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