Sunday, October 12, 2008


Sarah Palin is the real deal. She is not made up, coached, or otherwise a construct of anyone other than her environment, upbringing, and moral foundation. She is first and foremost an Alaskan. Her values are immutable, and her ethics firmly established. You will not see Sarah changing her view on the basics.

Sarah is a constructionist when it comes to interpreting the constitution. She believes that the constitution of the United States says what it means, that there are no penumbras, or intepretations of language that is not there or adjustments made to satisfy a liberal mindset. What was written and adopted by our forefathers, is immutable.

Sarah is pro-life. Period. She will not change her views on that issue to get a few votes. I heard her express that sentiment to a lady on Alaska's PBS radio station when running for governor. Sarah simply expressed that she would not change her views on abortion and that she and the listener would simply agree to disagree on that subject.

Sarah is hard core 2d Amendment individual rights.

Sarah is a hunter and fisherwoman who partakes of Alaska's bounty.

Sarah is a strong family oriented individual with sound and solid family values.

Sarah is also a fiscal conservative and someone who believes that government should serve and do no more than what the constitution allows.

Sarah Palin is absolutely not racist. Her family is of mixed heritage, Alaska native and whatever a "Palin" is. (big smiley face goes here.)

How do I know these things?

I supported Sarah's run for governor. I wrote articles in support of her candidacy, and I butted heads with the local pundits who opposed her candidacy.

Sarah will not back down in a fight.

She can be counted on.

Sarah Palin is the real deal.