Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Home invasion . . . it happens anywhere, anytime, are you prepared?

On June 23, 2013 at approximately 10:30 am, a nanny cam video from a home surveillance system demonstrates just what happens when a robber decides to kick your door down . . . in broad daylight.

The community was Millburn, NJ. A liberal town in a liberal state with strict gun control laws that protect the criminal.

Video link:

A young woman with two small children was watching cartoons on TV in living room when a black male 5 ft 11 in, 210 lbs with a salt and pepper beard kicked in the front door and began beating her demanding to know where her valuables were. The video speaks for itself.

Liberal gun control advocates who believe that her beating was deserved, because she was white and middle class, probably applaud the fact that criminal was not harmed.

President Obama is probably pleased that the woman took the beating like a woman and survived. In 2005, as an Illinois state senator he voted to bar the use of a firearm for self defense, even in the case of the threat of death. Incredibly, in the face of this record of no sympathy for those women, men, and children who have been killed, maimed, injured and traumatized in criminal home invasions, over 80% of women 18-26 years of age voted for Obama’s reelection.
NJ is a liberal state with gun control laws that discourage the Second Amendment right of self-protection with a firearm in violation of the Second Amendment and the SCOTUS rulings in Heller
and McDonald, and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Moore.

What you see in the video could have been much, much worse.

America, you need to awaken and understand that the only person in that video who was not under threat of losing their life was the black male beating the woman in the presence of her child . . .
Note that the police did not make an appearance and save the day. They respond to a call, they do not magically appear, and they usually appear . . . after the fact. Worse is the reality of the law concerning police protection. You have no right to police protection. Hence, the Second Amendment right of self-protection with a firearm.

Unfortunately, the May 25, 2013 home invasion in Mt. View in Anchorage showed that bad things happen to good people when they happen, without rhyme or reason. The elderly grandparents had been watching one of the grandchildren while the parents were at a movie with their four year old. The grandfather was killed, the grandmother mother was raped and killed, the great-grandmother who was there was raped, and the two year old child were raped by Jerry Andrew Active who had been released from jail that day. Active was unarmed.

Alaskans, we have solid gun laws that give us the right to self-protection. We do not need to live like a sheep, die like a sheep, as they do in liberal states. Your duty to your loved ones is to protect them, the cops come after the fact. Good locks and a handy firearm that you have trained to use to protect yourself and your family in your home is only common sense.
Americans were endowed with the right to self-protection with a firearm, not making use of the Second Amendment right is simply failing in one's responsibility to family and self.

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