Friday, June 28, 2013

Subject: S. 744 Amnesty for illegals

Senator Murkowski and Senator Begich:

Illegal: not according to or authorized by law; not sanctioned by official rules; unlawful, illicit.

Senator Begich and Senator Murkowski, would you let me crap on your lawn, leave garbage strewn about your property, pee on your flowerbed, use your property as a corridor to run drugs into the neighborhood?

Would you allow me to kick down your door anytime of the day or night, enter your house unannounced and take up residence in a bedroom, vacant or not?

Would you like it if you were forced to feed me, to provide for my medical care, to educate my kids by edict from an elected body that decided to use your tax monies contrary to the uses set forth in the Constitution?

Would you like it if you were required to stand idly by and to allow me to take jobs away from your children.

Would you stand idly by and allow me to commit crimes of violence in your house without fear of repercussion?

How do you think those who have been complying with our laws and awaiting years for their turn for citizenship feel? You and the other 66 so called senators of the United States Senate have slapped them in the face.

Against the testimony opposing this literal illegal amnesty by the Border Patrol and ICE, you have voted to allow criminals into this country.

With S. 744, you, like this President, have chosen to allow the violent criminal free reign.

You have violated your oaths by compromising the borders and sovereignty of the United States.

You have violated your oaths of by imparting privilege to those who have broken our laws, who have come into our house without our permission, some of whom have repeatedly harmed, maimed, killed our citizens, who have taken the jobs of Americans, who now demand the benefits of citizenship, who fill our prisons, because of their violence and disrespect for our law.

We are a nation of laws. You have chosen to ignore that fact.

You both owe a very public explanation to the people of Alaska as to why you voted the way that you did.

The solution to the illegal immigrant problem was so easy, it is incredible that so many allegedly intelligent people could be so wrong in their putting special interests above the interests of the country at large. Illegals need jobs. They come here for jobs. They work to send money back to their home country. They are not here to become citizens, they are here as migrant workers. If the jobs dry up, they go home.

The way that the illegal problem can be dealt with effectively is simple. Make it a felony to hire an illegal. Simply enforce the law. The illegals will go home, because of no work.

Oh, wait. Such a solution implies that the federal government would enforce such a law when it refuses to do its constitutional mandate to secure our borders.

Yet, the federal government that collects every conversation and e-mail in the U.S. cannot come up with a simply system to allow migrant workers into the U.S. and to track them while here. Just too hard for you all. Maybe, you should seek help from Russia. I guarantee they know where their people are at any time of the day and night. Or, the Israelis whose migrant workers are hostile to Israel.

Abortion created this problem, that and the liberal desire to pit one group against another so that they can pander and stay in power. RINOs have allowed this paradox to continue. The paradox is the fact that illegals are migrants, and here only because we have allowed 53 million Americans to be killed in the womb and after birth–creating a need for labor. Labor which the third world was all too willing to provide.

Instead of opening immigration to persecuted Christians in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan, Mali, wherever there is Islam, there is persecution and death for Christians. Even in the West, Christians are persecuted. However, the last thing you liberals want is more people of European or even African origins who believe in God in this country.

What is the sector with the greatest increase in single parent families and abortion? Hispanics. Not those who are citizens, either.

Most of the Hispanic illegals are largely Catholic, hard working, good people. However, that does not forgive or excuse that they broke our laws.

Do you not realize what their cheap labor does to the economy? How wages are driven down, how legitimate companies are put at a disadvantage? You think that situation will change of the House adopts the tenets of S.744?

Given their average level of education, do you think that their ability to be successful in the U.S. will be enhanced by citizenship, or is this going to be a generational drag on the U.S. economy? Will one generation, forced on welfare to supplement low income will continue in that vein until the entire family are welfare recipients, as happened with the Hmong and other immigrant groups brought in legally?

Do you think that they will just become Americans, and set their loyalty to Mexico or wherever aside? Do they now? No, they do not. They are whatever first. Otherwise, why would there be any argument over the American flag flying over an American school on Cinco de Mayo?

On the one hand one can see why the Senate tried to deal with this issue. Unfortunately, the Senate ignored the impact of not making the border secure and creating a workable migrant worker program as part and parcel of S.744. Without secure borders and a workable, secure migrant worker program, we would either have to close the borders, or eventually cede the southwestern U.S. to Mexico.

How can our young get entry level jobs to build a resume and work to achieve a better life?

Illegals send money home, about $26 billion every year. If that was the only impact, that would be one thing. However, illegals suck up benefits and impose an unreasonable and costly burden upon the people and economy of this country. They can go home. They cost Alaska at least $35 million every year.

Have you noticed? There is now a Mexican Consulate in Anchorage on C Street. Wonder why? Just wander around the malls or the Valley stores and you know.

My company has worked Outside and I have seen the illegals by the thousands.

Leaving the border open is treason. Migrant workers are not the only ones coming across the border, jihadis have been passed through without concern by you in D.C.

Yes, we are all immigrants.

My family were immigrants. Wood came in 1748. My mother’s family in 1656. My mother’s maiden name was Washington. They earned their citizenship by blood in the Great American Revolution. George Washington is an uncle and great-step grandfather.

The Apache and Cherokee in my line were also immigrants of a different sort, and, they, too fought to preserve their way of life. As will we all, if this insanity and disconnect in D.C. with We the People is not corrected.

In voting for S. 744, you are not in tune with the majority of Alaskans or Americans. We understand the threat. These illegals do not act as Americans, they fly foreign flags, celebrate foreign holidays, they speak their native language, and they do not assimilate. They mock our law.

Your votes mock our law.

In 2014 and 2016 we have elections.

We still have a rule of law. For now, no thanks to your pandering and failure to live up to your oaths.

S.744 is treason.


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