Monday, January 10, 2011

Another left wing nut job

We need to be careful how seriously we take the hypothesizing of the liberal media regarding the Tucson shootings. The ramblings of the left leaning media in attempting blame where there is none is dangerous. Liberal Congressmen and
Congresswomen now urge an attack upon the First and Second Amendments in violation of their oath of office.

When MAJ Nidal Hasan shot and killed 13 soldiers at Ft. Hood, the same media and liberal politicos cautioned against drawing conclusions regarding Hasan’s intent, his religion, and whether or not his acts constituted jihad.

This is the liberal left in full array. They have a cause. They have mayhem that they can point to caused by a nut with firearms, the cause anti-célèbre of the left.

A liberal Congresswoman was shot. Does that give rise to a conclusion of an anti-liberal bias on the part of the shooter?

Collateral damage in a politically motivated shooting or just carnage for the sake of carnage?

While right wing rhetoric is blamed, I can remember the left media openly calling for the death of George Bush, a sitting President. The desire for Limbaugh’s death seems to comes up all too often in the liberal media.

Our former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and Big Sis, Janet Napolitano, categorized our soldiers returning from the war zone and any who believed in the Bible and who owned firearms as terrorists.

Are the memories of the left media that bad?

The shooter in Tucson was a nut job. His classmates in college were afraid of him. Afraid. He was no giant with tattoos and a bad attitude. He was a nut case. Even the Sheriff who blames the incident on right wing rhetoric had reports that this individual had made death threats previously.

Was the shooting politically motivated? I don’t believe so. He fired indiscriminately into a crowd and was lucky with the Congresswoman. The rest of the casualties, just additional numbers to raise the event to the level of national attention. Obviously, that was his goal. His own glorification and gratification, not a political statement.

Was the shooter a conservative nut job? Not by the published opinions of his classmates. He was characterized by them as a left wing nut job. His manifesto, like that of President Obama, was that of Marx, not the Declaration of Independence.

The upcoming attack upon the First and Second Amendments will be relentless for as long as the left can garner attention to this event.

The Congresswoman should have had security. She commented on previous threats. The City of Tuscon should have had a couple of cops there as a matter of course. If for no other reason, there are gangs and crime in Tuscon.

The Sheriff was aware of the shooter’s lack of stability. Yet, he blames Rush Limbaugh. Why did he not assign a deputy or two to the event?

Evidently, the judge who was killed was there to bring attention to crime arising from the flood of illegals and drugs coming across the border. That his comments are forever silenced is a loss. Who knows, maybe, his comments might have given rise for the Congresswoman to examine her positions.

The real shame is the loss of innocent life of those just there to speak with their elected representative and to just be there as a matter of family, like the little girl.

The danger in what happened is in the political exploitation of this event. The libs are out to make a run on the First and Second Amendments. The very protections against the political oppression that will be attempted under the guise of preventing any similar future event.

Instead of urging caution before reaching a conclusion, the left is doing exactly what it urged against in the aftermath of MAJ Hasan’s killing of his fellow troops.

Sarah Palin having any blame is laughable and makes this once again the theater of the absurd on the part of the left.