Sunday, January 16, 2011

Opinion : ‘Nativist lobby’ is winning on immigration - Frontiersman

Opinion : ‘Nativist lobby’ is winning on immigration - Frontiersman

This piece of leftist malarkey was posted to make us feel bad. I don't. Illegals cost this country billions and take services that we cannot receive as citizens. Over 600 emergency rooms have shut down between TX and CA from illegals using services that we cannot get as citizens. Our prisons are filled with illegals. Illegals committing crimes are an epidemic. They don't need to worry, they will be sent south and can return with impunity.

Whomever wrote this, obviously wants the flood to continue unabated. I wonder if that person hires illegals at substandard wages to take advantage of them?

Giving them amnesty was tried during Reagan's first term. Never again. Made things worse.

We send Big Sis to Afghanistan to help them "secure the border", but the twit, our President, and Congress all ignore their oaths of office and do nothing to stem the tide of illegal migration across our southern border.

Ending anchor babies will help.

The twit who wrote this does not live on the border. They have not had their property trashed, their homes and their family violated. Whomever wrote this is of the kumbiah crowd of Koolaid drinkers. They would sacrifice our sovereignty and our safety for a few more votes from illegals. Whomever is a political whore, nothing more.

Just another liberal in lah lah land without any common sense whatsoever.