Friday, June 5, 2009

Our rights are now . . . selective

A recent decision of the 7th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld Chicago’s hand gun ban.

The decision of the 7th Circuit in favor of Chicago in maintaining its hand gun ban revolved around the idea that the Second Amendment does not have to be obeyed by States and their subdivisions of government. According to the 7th Circuit, States, counties and cities are exempt from obeying the Constitution—but only where Second Amendment rights are concerned.

The Chicago decision puts the 7th Circuit at odds with the 9th Circuit (!), which ruled last year that the Second Amendment applied to the States and lower subdivisions of government.

This decision brings into sharp focus the self-deluding mindset that sets the liberal apart from the conservative. To liberals, the Constitution is perverted to fit their world view, without respect to what the Framers intended. If the liberal mind cannot conveniently find the context under the Constitution that supports their goal, they invent penumbras to enable their ideological desire.

One has to remember that the individual rights enumerated in the Constitution merely affirm individual rights conferred upon a free people by our Creator. These rights were not conferred by man, to be given or revoked at the whim of any political power or despot.

The assault upon talk radio demonstrates that the First Amendment does not protect political speech in the liberal mind, but only serves to protect the policies and ideology of the party in power. Under a Democrat regime, talk radio must be “fair” and “equal” in its presentation of the issues.

Can you imagine our Forefather’s reaction to a demand by the Crown for “fairness” in the presentation of their arguments for independence from England?

The Crown’s idea of fairness was the bayonet and hangman’s noose.

President Obama’s, Sen. Harry Reid’s and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s idea of “fairness” is to silence the opposition once and for all. How far they are willing to go is demonstrated in the unrelenting assault upon the Second Amendment and the perversion of the First Amendment into an instrument of political repression.

During the closing days of the presidential campaign, then Candidate Obama stated those rights that he considered “individual” rights. He excluded the Second Amendment in that dissertation.

The recent selection of appellate Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court further demonstrates Pres. Obama’s subtle intent to scuttle any impeding Constitutional authority. By appointing a judge in whose opinion the Constitution is a work in progress ensures that the liberal agenda will be interpreted favorably, no matter the wording of the Constitution.

Awhile back, I wrote on Pres. Obama’s incredible refusal to divulge proof of his citizenship qualification required by Article 2 §1 of the U.S. Constitution. My point was that if this requirement could be ignored, then so could other articles of the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment.

The First and Second Amendments and Article 2 are under assault in the Democrats’ expression of power.

It was a liberal Supreme Court majority that did most of the damage where the Ninth Amendment was concerned.

How long before any of the 1st through the 15th Amendments become inconvenient to those in power?

Obviously, the First and Second Amendments already are.

How long before the “Crown” resorts to the bayonet and the hangman’s noose to silence opposition?

The intent of the Framers of the Constitution and the arguments of that creative process have been well documented leaving little doubt as to the limitations imposed upon government intended.

There can be no compromise where the Constitution of the United States is concerned. It means what it says, and it only means what is stated.

The government cannot restrict that which was conferred by our Creator. To do so is to confirm the reason and need for the Second Amendment.

Regardless of party label, beware the political power that acts to silence the opposition.

Above all, beware the President who ignores the Constitution.

Educate your children as to the meaning and rights affirmed by the Constitution. Every family, and every citizen should have a copy of the Constitution.

There is no other document in the history of this world that confers upon a people the power to prevent government excess. The balance between the peoples’ freedom and government power
is maintained by the Second Amendment.

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