Saturday, June 13, 2009

Disgusted at the silence

I am disgusted and ashamed at the silence on the part of the 4th Estate. Our vaunted media, the professional journalists who are silent at the killing of a United States Army soldier and the wounding of another United States Army soldier in LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS by a MUSLIM. A MUSLIM who proclaimed to the press and to the courts that he acted because of his religion, not in spite of his beliefs. That his religion demanded that he act as he did.

SILENCE on the part of the mainstream media. SILENCE.

Yet, we hear every minute about the Holocaust Museum killer and the deadly pro life movement. What is common about all of this?

The abortionist's killer was white and prolife; and the nut that invaded the Holocaust Museum was white and a white supremicist. These two fit a specific sterotype: white bigot and white prolife nutcase. So, we get it pounded into out heads at every opportunity how bad these folks are, and that whites are bad as a result. Somehow, these two aberrant indiviuals represent their respective movements as typical adherents.

In the mean time, the abortionist has been raised to the level of a saint, and his abortion clinic is offering to kill babies for free in his memory. Golly. How far down the hill we have slid when murdering babies becomes something to celebrate. Hypocratic oath? We don't need to worry about no stinking hypcratic oath to kill the unborn, or Tiller's case, the partially born, as that was his specialty.

The shooting of two of our soldiers on U.S. soil by a Muslim, a black Muslim who was born and raised in the U.S., does not merit any investigation by our FBI.

Instead, the FBI is "investigating" thje prolife movement in case there is any others associatd with Tiller's killer. Same for Von Brunn with respect to his nutty views.

However, the poor little Muslim, he was just an average con who was unduly influenced by well meaning clerics, but had a bad hair day and decided to off a couple of GIs.

Where is the investigation of the murder of the young soldier and the shooting of his comrade?


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