Sunday, May 17, 2009

President Obama and his new taxes--junk food

Recently, the President of the United States made a startling revelation at a town hall meeting in New Mexico. He gave a bleak appraisal of the future if the U.S. continues out of control spending. Pres. Obama said that the U.S. cannot expect foreign governments, notably the PRC, to continue to buy U.S. debt. He further went on to say that the end result will be higher interest rates for U.S. consumers.

This is an admission on the part of the President of the United States that his policies and his budget will result in inflation. Raising interest rates is a mechanism to control the rise in monetary supply.

Pres. Obama admitted that future generations will be saddled with repayment of an ever increasing debt burden due to the interest accruing on the deficits created by his excessive spending.

The deficit for this year is now adjusted upward to $1.82 TRILLION. An impossibly high number for we normal folks to grasp. Or so Pelosi, Reid and Pres. Obama hope, anyway.

The President proposed $17 billion in budget cuts from this year’s budget to show he is sensitive to the impact of his and Pelosi’s budget. However, he plans another $81 billion in additional spending.

A recent report on the Lou Dobbs show on CNN revealed that the average federal employee saddles the U.S. taxpayer with a total of $78,000 in wages and benefits. Whereas, the average yearly salary and benefits cost of employees in the private sector is approximately $38,000.
Pres. Obama’s Stimulus program is purported to increase government employment rolls by up to 600,000. These new employees will feed off of taxpayers at a rate of an additional $4.68 Billion a year.

What do the dems propose to alleviate this hemorrhaging of money?

New taxes!

The new tax plan is to levy taxes on junk food. Under a recently announced plan, the American couch potato will soon be taxed for soda, potato chips, and other snack foods.

It is one thing to tax those evil coal fired power plants, but Coca Cola? Say it ain’t so, Barack!

If this tax scheme comes to fruition, the dentists and fat sucking (liposuction) docs should be up in arms. Without sugar rotting our teeth, and the fat from the over consumption of carbohydrates from junk food, the demand for luxury cars and Caribbean cruises will plummet!

Gone too will be all of those wordy advertisements and books promising to reveal the secret to being skinny and still eating yourself sick if you only take this super pill made from some strange just discovered sea creature’s urine. (Kind of like reading another biography of Sarah Palin, only more interesting.)

These highly paid folks will be reduced to driving a used Yugo-- all because Pelosi and Pres. Obama decided to tax our Cokes and (yuck) Pepsi and potato chips!

This may be the final straw—which you will no longer need for that Coke you can no longer afford—that drives GM and Chrysler to . . . communist China to have PRC slave labor build econo boxes for the newly impoverished in the U.S. who will no longer be able to afford a bag of potato chips much less a Cadillac or Lincoln.

What will life be without the crunch of potato chips while reading a book, or while watching a movie on the telly? (As if you will be able to afford the electricity, once the cap and trade carbon tax scheme is in place.)

The new health care scare will be skinny, overfit Americans—the natural outcome of reducing our carbohydrate and sugar consumption.

Doesn’t our President and Congress understand the negative impact of their actions?

Surely, Nancy Pelosi knows?!

Well, maybe not. She seems to be having trouble owing up to having been told about interrogation techniques used against terrorists.

What will the dems think of next?

Making pedophiles a protected class?

Yeah, right. Wait a minute . . . Senate Bill 909, isn’t that about . . . oh, good grief!

Democrats. Ya gotta love ‘em.

Remember to vote come 2010.

By then you will have lost so much weight from not being able to afford potato chips and soda, that you will be able to run to the polls!

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  1. I think we should put a Bible in the White house