Friday, May 1, 2009

American Clean Energy Security Act of 2009

The cap and trade tax system to allegedly reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere proposed by Rep. Henry Waxman in the American Clean Energy Security Act of 2009 closely parallels that of a similar measure sponsored by now President Barack Obama in 2007. The idea is that corporations would have caps put on the amount carbon—from fossil fuels used to power their facilities—emitted into the atmosphere. If these corporations exceed that cap, then they must buy permits from the federal government for the excess carbon.

This plan does nothing to reduce carbon emissions. It does raise a spit load of money to spend and increase the cost of energy to we peons.

The expected revenue benefit to the government of the United States is estimated to be a minimum of $366,000,000,000 per year. (As estimated in S.309 introduced by then Sen. Obama in 2007.)

Who will pay that $366,000,000,000?

You and I will pay it. Corporations don’t pay taxes, the consumer pays the corporation’s taxes. Anybody over the age of 18 knows that.

As if your electric bill is not high enough now, just wait.

Then Sen. Obama admitted that his carbon tax scheme would cost the American taxpayer dearly in increased energy costs. That electricity cost would go up dramatically, as the natural gas and coal electric power plants pay under the cap and trade system.

Yet, Rep. Charlie Rangel and Rep. Henry Waxman are extolling the virtues of this bait and switch scheme by claiming that all of this money will go back to the people through new social programs and government services!

Another $366,000,000,000 expansion in government on top of the current $3.2 TRILLION just passed!

It is amazing how creative the liberal democrats are at finding ways to spend money that they do not even have coming into the coffers yet. One would think that they would figure out that the $3.2 TRILLION just appropriated has to be paid back sooner or later, and that the cap and tax money should be allocated to that purpose. No. More government!

How can these so called people’s representative look the press in the eye and lie without any compunction about being caught up in the lie?

Do they honestly think that we are that stupid?

Yes, they do. Barack Obama is now our President and Nancy Pelosi is Speaker.

That says it right there. They have every right to be contemptuous of the collective intellect of the voter. Worse, their constituents keep voting for their lying hides to keep raping the system and the American taxpayer.

In the midst of a recession, the depth and full impact of which has yet to be determined, the democrats are going to lay in at least $366,000,000,000 in new taxes to expand their social agenda. That is going to be the pin that popped any balloon that may be rising that represents recovery from the recession.

New taxes are not what is needed. Cutting spending is. (You reading this, Sarah?)

The democrats keep saying that they inherited this economic crisis from George Bush. Yes, he is partially to blame. However, CONGRESS writes the checks, and the President signs them. Bush did try to avert the impending mortgage crisis, but the democratic majority in Congress refused to act on reform for Freddie Mac and Fannie May.

Bush was his own worst enemy. He tried to out Clinton Congress by not fighting the opposing strategy of increasing the budget and increasing social programs by going along with Congress to steal the wind from the liberals’ sails. This strategy has backfired and cost the Republican Party the Whitehouse and Congress.

“Compassionate Conservatism” was an absolute failure. Karl Rove needs to have his cojones shoved up to his shoulder blades for advocating that bit of reverse psychology.

What is happening now, as represented by the cap and trade legislation is the socialist agenda in full array, and the unabashed liberal strategy of exploiting the crisis to the fullest extent to consolidate the power of the Democrat Congress and Presidency. Arlan Specter’s disaffection could not have come at a worse time.

Fortunately, people are not stupid, and they will figure this out sooner or later. Hopefully, no later than 2010. Then like with the Clinton regime, a balance will be restored by a Republican Congressional majority in both houses to offset a liberal out of control Whitehouse socialist agenda.

Please, Lord. Sooner, not later, BUT only if the Republican Party has learned its lesson: stick to the PLATFORM! Smaller government! Spend less!

Otherwise, history will repeat itself and we may as well let the dems crash and burn.

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