Wednesday, May 6, 2009

HR 1913 and S909 violates the 1st and 10th Amendments

"We also need to protect those potential victims who may be the recipients of hateful words or hateful acts, or even violent acts."

—Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D, TX) in support of The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (HR 1913).

According to Rep. Jackson-Lee, a perceived slight may become a federal felony.

Worse is S 909 by Sen. Edward Kennedy and Sen. Patrick Leahy, both paragons of the left. In this bill, all 547 forms of sexual deviancy, including pedophilia, would become protected under the hate crimes gender identification definition.

Every pastor of a Christian church, or Imam of a Muslim mosque, or anyone in disagreement with the agenda of a protected group are now in jeopardy of federal hate crimes charges by perception of speech—whether written or verbal.

Any parent defending a child from leachery and the unwanted advances of a pervert could face federal charges for a hate crime against a pedophile.

There is nothing so repulsive to a Constitutional Republic as legislation that confers privilege, status, or otherwise sets apart from the body national a group for any reason.

The liberal democrat interpretation of what is constitutional has nothing to do with what is stated in the Constitution. To them, the Constitution must be reinterpreted in the context of the winds of political and social change. In other words, the Constitution is what they say it is when they are in power, not what is written.

Witness the use of the derogatory, colloquial “c” word for the female of the species by Paris Hilton to describe Miss California. For some reason, his offense is minor, but her defense of heterosexual marriage is offensive and of “concern” to the liberal press, and certainly hateful speech to Mr. Hilton, who is openly homosexual. Obviously, if one disagrees with him, he can publically insult in the most base manner without fear of condemnation. Under HR 1913, he may have cause to file criminal charges against Miss California and any who agree with her.

HR 1913 contains the threat to silence any speech not approved or otherwise agreeable to those so privileged to enjoy the benefits of HR 1913. S909 will give federal protection to the sexual deviant.

Only in this case, it is not the feds doing the charging, it will be any political subdivision that wants the money and is willing to act to support the liberal pogrom against free speech, the family, our children, Christianity, and the sanctity of the Constitution.

Once again the feds are suborning local law enforcement priorities to meet federal feel good political payback obligations to their lib supporters.

Will there be any real crime against a child, given S909 being so inclusive?

Crimes against children are just not a high enough priority in the liberal anti-family, pro abortion mind to warrant such focus and additional protection under the law.

Apparently, to the democrat majority in the Senate, and the House, there is no crime of sexual deviancy against children. Children are to be used with impunity as sexual toys.

S909 ensures that all children are now in jeopardy and that those so perverse as to attack a child sexually are protected.

What constitutes “hateful words” in the liberal mind?

Anything positive promoting family, religion, unity, patriotism, the sanctity of life, and the preservation of language, borders and culture--as so eloquently stated by Dr. Michael Savage.

It is not the idea of HR1913 that is disturbing. It is the intent of those who formulated the legislation and their counterparts in the Senate. Rep. Jackson-Lee’s comment should scare the living daylights out of all of us, but S909 should cause you to fear for your children.

This is the “change” promised by Pres. Barrack Obama?

Governor Sarah Palin and the Alaska Legislature should immediately pass a resolution reaffirming the Bill of Rights and firmly asserting the 10th Amendment rights of the State.

The federal government has no standing under the Constitution to foment such perversion of the law upon the States.

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