Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sell Alaska, Sarah!

Note: 3 Alaska Soldiers were killed in Iraq on 23 Feb. Please remember them and their families in your prayers. They did their duty for you and me.

Gov. Sarah Palin must now reimburse the State of Alaska for about $7,000 in travel for her children. The State ruled that unless the kids were along for a compelling service to the State, their cost was hers to bear.

It is disappointing that our Governor did not adhere to this policy.

Sarah Palin is an intelligent woman. However, obviously a buck is important to her. She is charging the State for anything and everything, and then claiming that she is saving the State money by staying in Wasilla.

Unfortunately, the continuing controversy is keeping Alaska’s business from being the priority.

The dems are writing checks that the rest of us are not going to be able to pay. Government at every level will be looking to the tax payer to repay the massive spending that is taking place. Pelosi et al in Congress are ready with another $450 billion in largess to the democrat demi god of socialism at any cost. Every failed program is being resurrected, government is being expanded at the greatest rate in the history of this country. Our President’s first address to Congress was met with another downturn on Wall St.

Remember, only $90 billion of $780 billion was to be spent on infrastructure improvements and maintenance.

Sen. Mark Begich whitewashed Obama’s speech, a speech that had nothing to offer in the way of a light at the end of the tunnel, other than to say that government is the end to all means. It should be noted that Sen. Begich did not consult with the Governor before he handed his wish list to Sen. Reid.

That President Barack H. Obama allowed an ideologue like Nancy Pelosi to draft his stimulus package behind closed doors to the exclusion of most of the House and the absolute exclusion of any discussion on the floor of the House demonstrates that this President does not have a plan and is letting the far left dictate direction. This bodes ill for Alaska.

Yet, Alaska could provide billions to the U.S. Treasury. Billions upon billions.

ANWR could be developed to reduce foreign oil imports and to generate revenue for Uncle Sam and Alaska.

North Slope natural gas could be brought to market in the lower-48 states or sold to foreign markets to generate revenue for the U.S. and Alaska.

Alaska’s mineral wealth could be developed to benefit the Treasury of the United States and Alaska.

Instead, the U.S. taxpayer, read you and me, will pay the bill on the most counter intuitive economic recovery plan since the Great Depression. Spending one’s way out of “broke” cannot work.

Alaska is in the unenviable place of being placed back on the shelf until the U.S. needs Alaska’s resources for whatever reason. The Trans Alaska Pipeline System was the result of an oil embargo in 1973.

What is preventing Alaska from going to work to benefit the United States Treasury and to relieve the burden of repayment of the “stimulus package” that will be borne on the backs of you and me and our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren?

Why should we bear the burden when Alaska’s resources have the potential to carry part of that burden?

What will it take to get Alaska’s North Slope natural gas to market?

What will it take to get ANWR opened to oil and gas exploration and development?

What will it take to get Congress to amend ANILCA to allow Alaska to build a rational surface transportation infrastructure and allowAlaska to gain access to mineral and metal resources?

These are the challenges that Gov. Sarah Palin faces.

Gov. Sarah Palin and Alaska’s congressional delegation need to be selling the benefits of Alaska’s resources to the U.S. to . . . us, the taxpayers who will be bearing the burden of repayment of this socialist expansion. Not Congress. Not the President. Us. We the People.

Best Sarah Palin shed the need to justify her every action and respond to every slight. Best she gets with the program and sells Alaska. This is where she can use the recognition she accrued from the V.P. campaign to benefit Alaska and the U.S. taxpayer.

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