Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Change the Paradigm of Education

Alaska has for too long accepted the current paradigm of education funding. Our school boards and the State Legislature and our Governors have been complacent in their acquiescence of an ever increasing regulatory burden in the classroom imposed by the federal government. In many instances this regulation has little or nothing to do with literacy, physical fitness, or logic, but has everything to do with imposing a social agenda that is anti-family, promotes the homosexual agenda, anti-religion, and anti-everything about the history and culture of the United States.

The agenda of the socialist aspect of the indoctrination of our children is fraught with the politically correct, rather than the reality of what these kids need to prepare them for life in our society and to compete in a global market place. Education was supposed to give them the basic tools: literacy, a certain level of understanding and competence in math and science, an understanding of geography, an understanding of our government and our justice system, and an understanding of history.

I recently learned of what may be an insidious attempt by the Anchorage School District (ASD) to indoctrinate through Health Education. Instead of the classroom elementary teachers having health as one of their subjects, that subject will now be taught by a Health curriculum team from outside of the school who are going to be specifically trained. Trained in what is now the question.

This may be the means by which ASD incorporates the homosexual, anti-family agenda into the classroom. In other districts in the U.S., it is Health Education that is used to incorporate sexual orientation and sex education into elementary education at the lowest elementary grade levels.

What ASD does, Matanuska-Susitna School District will soon attempt.

Instead of teaching our children to compete in an ever more competitive global economy, our federal Dept. of Education seems to believe that it is more important that a first grader understand sexual orientation, transgenderism, lack of personal accountability, and whether or not the kid can place a condom on a banana correctly. Reading and writing are obviously not a priority, given the number of kids that are illiterate and incapable of doing basic math, but who are graduated from high school in the name of not wanting to embarrass the kid by requiring meaningful graduation standards that must be met.

Society then pays the price for that failure through the criminal justice system. Society also pays otherwise as the labor force is then deficient and undereducated, meaning employers are forced to look overseas for qualified people.

We have killed our replacement native workforce through abortion, and must now import that labor. As bad, we have impeded our young from qualifying for the job market by our acquiescence to a crippled education system.

The lack of responsibility promoted by the feds and NEA in our schools encourages out of wedlock pregnancies that fuel the abortion industry.

How can we turn this mess around and return our schools to educating our young to be competitive, literate, responsible, good citizens who have pride in their American heritage?

Get rid of the federal funding for our schools.

The Supreme Court has ruled that there is no obligation incurred if a subdivision of government refuses federal funds.

The Dept. of Education states in its on line document titles “10 Facts About Education Funding:

“8. . . . Any state that does not want to abide by a federal program's requirements can simply choose not to accept the federal funds associated with that program. . . . in the past, a few states have forgone funds for various reasons.”

Federal funding comprises 8.9% of education funding in the U.S., up from 5.7% in 1991.

Federal funds comprise 3% of ASD’s budget for education.

Federal funds comprise approximately 66% of the regulatory burden imposed upon the classroom, including non-education related social experimentation.

Alaska can afford to eliminate the federal burden upon education. Alaska can go its own way. Alaska can end the social experiment and return education as the primary purpose of our schools.

Let our teachers teach literacy, math, science, and history. Let our teachers demand and receive from our children . . . excellence!

Let us change this mess, and remove federal regulation and federal interference from our classrooms in Alaska.

Sarah Palin, where is the new deal in the State’s education program? Why is it just more of the same under your administration?

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