Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why a baby was born alive, THEN killed . . .

A baby was born at 23 weeks to an unwed 18 year old. The baby was born while awaiting the arrival of the doctor who was the abortionist. Prior to the arrival of the doctor, the clinic's co-owner cut the umbilical cord, threw the kid on the floor to bleed out, then sealed the baby in a disposable bio hazard bag and threw the now deceased child in the trash!

Badly botched abortion?

No. Murder.

Murder, like a partial birth abortion that our President condones and our Speaker Nancy Pelosi grows excited to promote as being necessary to the good health of the . . . mother.

Obama looks at his girls with a loving father's eyes. Yet, he orders the death of untold thousands of the unborn in the U.S. and abroad with the stroke of a pen. How can he in all good conscience reconcile the death of the unborn with his daughters in his presence?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was almost breathless with excitement as she described to the interviewer the need to kill the unborn to save the states . . . money.

My God, what have we done to ourselves that our value of the preservation of life, something our enemies on the battlefield relied upon as our troops would sacrifice themselves to recover the bodies of fallen comrades, has become abhorrent to some Americans. So abhorrent that an American could take a live baby and kill the child without remorse? Worse, without apparent fear of the law in doing so.

A child who by law should have been accorded the full measure of the protection of the Constitution, because by the abortion loving liberals' own declarations, the child was a live birth and, therefore, a "person".

Look at the social agenda on .

This is all part of the cheapening of our children by the liberals.

I fully believe that there is an amoral movement, whether planned or just a social devolution, to undermine the family value of life and the worth of the child. To ultimately sexualize the child and desensitize society until all the inhibitions of one's morality, religion, beliefs, character, integrity, and values are compromised to the point that the child becomes . . . a toy for adults to exploit and use until the kid grows up enough to defend his/herself. However, the idea is that then the kid becomes what made him/her, and the cycle will go on and on and on.

Somewhat anti-Christian-Judeo in scope and execution, don't you think?

Ever hear of the North American Man Boy Love Association? NAMBLA openly advocates the use of boys as sexual objects. That this homosexual perversion has been allowed to exist is a credit to the perversity of the ACLU lawyers, many of whom have been indicted and convicted of child sex crimes. Adult males exploiting male children. NAMBLA by any other name.

Ruthie bad girl Ginsberg our Supreme Court Justice and former ACLU and child sex advocate wrote that the age for consensual sex should be lowered to 12 for girls.

What was this 18 year old girl doing in an abortion clinic?

Well, thanks to Planned Parenthood, the hard work of the democrat party, Speaker Pelosi's life long devotion to the cult of killing the unborn for the sake of convenience, National Organization of Women (we hate men, and we don't need any stinking men), NAMBLA, Bill Clinton (I never had sex with that woman and who caused an explosion in the tongue stud industry for young girls and women as a result), and various population control freaks funded by liberal foundations who all have worked hard since the 60s on initiatives to reduce the worth of children, not to forget the media's continual sexualization of our children, is it any wonder that this kid ended up in an abortion clinic instead of an outreach program for unwed mothers?

(How's that for a run on sentence? )

Every time I see an adolescent female with a tongue stud, I wonder just how gullible are the parents, or how envious the mother? There is only one purpose in having such an item installed and it ain't to suck lollipops. Such cheapening accoutrement's send a very clear message to the male population. S-L-U-T.

We parents must not accede to the wishes of young girls who want to emulate manufactured "popular" culture "icons" such as Britney Spears and Hanna Montana. Any parent that lets their female progeny dress inappropriately is a fool and putting their kid in danger. Dad's need to be the judge of his daughter's dress, if mom suffers some sort of sick desire to "live through the kid". Somebody has to act like an adult and care for the kid's safety!

Pastors need to comment to mom and dad if the girls are not dressed appropriately.

Chastity in a girl is something to value, not a derogatory.

No wonder the homosexuals and the socialist left hate Christianity. Morality, once instilled is hard to erase. It can be tarnished, but not erased. Guilt is still there for any act the individual knows is wrong.

Mao Tse Dung had a policy of killing all individuals over 10 years of age when the communist Chinese went into a village to make an example. Why over 10?

At 10 years, the Chicoms believed that the moral character and core beliefs of the individual were ingrained so deeply that no matter what the commies did, that individual could never be trusted.

What do we as Americans, parents, grandparents and Christians do about the assault on our children? Pray. Vote for pro-life candidates. Make our lives an example, and do not remain quiet while our children and our freedoms disappear to the demagoguery of the left. Fight them, challenge the left, force them back into the dark and out of the light. Make organizations NAMBLA cease to exist and the ACLU irrelevant.

Unfortunately, the new Deputy AG for the U.S. is a guy who fought to keep access to porn unfettered in our public libraries along with a defense of the homosexual, anti-family agenda. Porn and homosexual anything before the safety of our kids. Why, that is free speech to be protected, but conservative talk radio is something to be restricted? That's a good lib for you.

(No, I am not a homophobe, just concerned and aware of the agenda of the politically active homosexual extremists.)

Our forefathers were incredibly prescient in their construction of this social experiment we call the United States. One of the attributes they considered indispensable to the health and welfare of the nation and its people was the idea of morality and a belief in God. Without this foundation, the U.S. would cease to exist, and its people doomed to subjugation by those willing to sacrifice their integrity and morality to gain power.

Pray for the United States.


  1. So many words and so little content. Do you even know what christianity speaks of? Did you know you're supposed to kill your daughter if she talks back to you. America is not a christian nation, christianity is a plague. We are yet to eradicate it. Stay in alaska, the contiguous states are so happy without you.

  2. The comment I just read is so sick. The plague is not Christianity..that is a really messed up mind. Good for you LDW. The moral imperative is for us to ressurrect our beliefs. Funny thing how we fail to realize that even though we have failed God He never fails us. The boat to rescue us has been here all along and yet people whine and cry for help..and just 'wait' doing nothing.Open your eyes people, honor life, take responsibility for the gift you have been and all the tools you need to make yours worthwhile...what more do you want.Once we take responsibility for ourselves instead of blaming others we will be aware that we can give to others.Christianity begins at home. It is reflected in our conduct when we walk out our doors. I am encouraged by the genuine regret I see expressed by individuals who have operated outside their moral value system. Regret is an internal desire for forgiveness, the plea of the son returning home. As messed up as we are, knowing that home is there for us is sometimes the only thing we have. 'God Bless our Home'.

  3. Very well said. This is exactly what people need to hear. I am sickened by the sex/drug/exploitive culture that is emerging in our country today. Our current president wants make us more like Europe, well I take issue with that. It seems to me that our forefathers founded this country with the intent to create something better. I believe we are better. Unfortunately, the current economic situation is creating the perfect climate for Nancy Pelosi and her crowd to plugg in the anti-Christianity, anti-family agenda they have wanted since before they founded their "feel-good revolution" in the 60's. Keep writing stuff like this. We can all be awfully stubborn, but I don't believe we're all stupid.