Thursday, December 19, 2013

TSA and Islam, the end of the West . . .

I attended a family reunion this last summer and encountered something that absolutely demonstrates the paradoxical outlook of the federal government with respect to security.

The TSA seeks to expand its presence in all facets of the American transportation system, including intrastate travel, and not just interstate travel. Its personnel are now termed agents or officers . . . not just perverts and bullies and people who willingly violate the 4th, 5th and 9th Amendment rights of their fellow Americans continually wherever they have checkpoints set up. The TSA is now a feature of political events, which has nothing to do with the FAA’s air safety responsibilities.

At SEATAC, going through security to return to Anchorage, I saw something that I still do not comprehend as a viable expression of good policy. I saw a Muslim woman wearing a hijab in a TSA uniform working security motioning people forward. She did not participate in the abuses of our Constitutional rights the federal government calls a security screening. Nonetheless, her presence was another indication that this government will go to any length to avoid any allegations of discrimination . . . or to do its job.

To see this woman in the uniform of the federal TSA was disturbing. Were it not for the hijab, she was no different from any other TSA female employee. However, the hijab said it all.

Islam is a harsh master. Islam is a jealous master. Islam is an intolerant master. Islam does not allow a Muslim to swear fealty to anything not Islam. Where there is Islam, there is war.

The Muslim cannot swear and mean, as in has to lie, when they swear the oath to support and to defend the Constitution of the United States. In other words, for a Muslim to wear the uniform of the United States military, to be federal anything, that person commits perjury. Islam does not allow them to swear any oath to a land that is dar al-harb, a land of war, a land under assault by Islam before submission to Islam.

Islam is not here to co-exist, and Farrakhan and his boys are not Muslims in the vein of Sunni or Shiite. They are, like scientology, made up. In which case, one day Islam will deal with them as they do any who stray from the tenets of Islam.

The TSA continually fails security testing. They have cleared through security federal agents tasked with carrying simulated bombs, firearms, and knives. They have failed to pass any of these tests, yet, we, the flying public must submit and must endure the violation of privacy and person that is the incredibly idiotic TSA screening process.

One has to wonder just how serious is the federal government in its mission of keeping the flying public safe when the shops and flight line of some of our major airports resemble Beirut more so than Minneapolis-St. Paul. There–at Minneapolis-St. Paul, the concessions are run by Muslims, and the flight line is a Somali immigrant success story with virtually no other group or ethnicity represented in any numbers. The flight line. They have access to the baggage compartments, to the cabins, to any exposed interior section of an airliner.

What group tries to blow up airplanes or to use airliners as guided missiles? Muslims do so in such an astronomically greater percentage so as to make any other identifiable non-Muslim threat statistically insignificant.

Yet, during the Cold War, we watched Russians and Soviet Bloc citizens in this country, who were usually here to spy on us. We did not sanction the groping of our populace at large, the seizure of their personal items at random for inane reasons, or the public embarrassing of our elderly and disabled, or the sick probing of our children during what was an undeclared period of hostility with world communism that resulted in the loss of American servicemen and aircraft on a too regular basis without any response from the U.S.

Now, we see Muslims in TSA uniforms, when all that is needed is profiling of those who actually constitute a threat to the U.S. Muslim males and females of military age, who comprise about 5% of the flying public. Instead, the TSA applies draconian actions against the elderly, the infirm, infants, and the disabled, as long as they are anything but Muslim. The Muslims are allowed to go through security without so much as a howdy do.

What is even more paradoxical than the TSA employing Muslims, is the recent revelation of the widespread involvement of the Saudi government in the 9-11 attack on the U.S. An involvement that for any other government would have meant suffering a Declaration of War by Congress.

Now, Muslims are on the flight lines, in the concessions, in the security apparatus, in our military, in the FBI, everywhere in the federal government. Does that make any sense whatsoever?

We are going down the road that Europe has gone by emulating the European decline in birth rate through abortion, politically correctness to the exclusion of any recognition of the internal threat to the country and its people by Islam, the destruction of the family through divorce and the decline in faith in God, and the self-destruction of Europe through conquest by migration of illiterate Muslims in such numbers so as to now constitute a recognized security threat and a threat to the stability continuity of the nation.

Here, our liberal ‘European-me toos’ in Congress, the Obama Administration, and those at the State and local levels are trying their best to destroy this country by emulating and ignoring what has successfully been shown to work in the destruction of Europe. The handwriting is on the proverbial wall, one has to be blind not to see the portent of these insane immigrant and politically correct policies.

Now, the TSA has become a tool in the tool box of Islam to undermine the land of dar al-harb to give Islam a victory in this land of war.

We are our own worst enemies.

We have the opportunity to change this insanity on the part of our leaders in DC and at the state and local level in the elections of 2014 and 2016.

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