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Nelson Mandela is dead . . . so what?

Nelson Mandela has been hailed as the epitome of the suffering martyr who sacrificed mightily for his cause. And, what was that cause? To end Apartheid? Or, to gain power and control of South Africa for the communist cause?

Historian Professor Steven Ellis wrote "External Mission: The ANC in Exile 1960-1990", Hurst & Co. Professor Ellis proves that Nelson Mandela was a communist. Mandela was a senior leader in the South African Communist Party (SACP). He joined SACP to garner support for the coming revolution against white rule in South Africa. Mandela joined the African National Congress (ANC) in 1944.

After the Sharpesville massacre by police in March, 1960, who fired upon rioting black demonstrators that killed 69, Mandela asked for help from the communist powers to support an armed revolution against the government of South Africa, allegedly to end Apartheid. Apartheid was a repressive political system that segregated South Africa. As a long term solution to maintain control, Apartheid was not viable.

Nelson Mandela wrote a book on "how to be a good communist" that is sold as an e-book by Barnes and Noble today.

In the 1970s, the ANC was trained by the IRA, which considerably improved the ANC’s success in its bombing against civilian targets in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela was sentenced to prison for 157 acts of terrorism, shedding the blood of innocents rather than use the system to gain power. Further, Nelson Mandela did so as an avowed communist using the African National Congress as the vehicle for the violent overthrow of the government of South Africa. Mandela was offered his freedom by the South African government on several occasions on the condition that he renounced violence. He refused to do so. Mandela’s case was never supported by Amnesty International or any human rights organization, because of his conviction as a communist terrorist and his refusal to renounce violence.

South Africa’s agony began with the attack on Rhodesia from communist inspired and supported movements using neighboring communist controlled Angola as a safe haven. Great Britain, or what was left of the ‘great’ sold out Rhodesia instead of backing the white regime and supporting them militarily until a reasonable political settlement could be reached with Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo. Nkomo was the leader of the ZAPU party, and Mugabe was the leader of the ZANU-PF. In 1976, they joined forces as the Political Front. After the 1980 independence, Mugabe turned against Nkomo and his ZAPU faction. The Ndebele who supported Nkomo and the white Rhodesian government were persecuted and slaughtered by Mugabe’s Shona in post war Zimbabwe. The ANC supported Mugabe’s Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF). The only group more persecuted than the Ndebele were the white Rhodesians.

Who were the protagonists of the Rhodesian civil war? ZAPU and ZANU-PF were communist along with the African National Congress (ANC) receiving training and indoctrination from the Peoples Liberation Army advisors in Angola. The Red Chinese was a major player in Africa’s civil wars, as was Russia.

Prior to the war (1964-1979), Rhodesia was the literal bread basket of Africa. After the war, the Rhodesian white farmer suffered virtual genocide under Mugabe, with lands confiscated, families brutalized, women and children raped and killed in front of husbands, all to drive the white farmers from their lands. The slaughter of whites and Ndebele in communist controlled Zimbabwe continues today.

Great Britain the west, including the United States, refused to support Rhodesia placing embargoes on the country’s military supplies and replacement parts for helicopters. You see, the Rhodesians were winning the war and that was unacceptable to the liberals in Westminster Palace and the White House. Africa, after all, is for black Africans, the white interlopers were not part of Africa. Just as the U.S. turned its back upon the Republic of Vietnam by ceasing supply of ammunition for weapons and spare parts for vehicles and aircraft, so did Great Britain turn its back on its former colony of Rhodesia and left it to the communists, thereby insuring the destruction of a vibrant, thriving economy that impacted Africa far beyond its borders through the export of food.

Now, Zimbabwe, the successor to Rhodesia, exports . . . misery.

Nelson Mandela’s ANC is moving forward with the same discriminatory, violent, criminal expunging of the white South African farmer from farmland that has been in some families for hundred’s of years. The Dutch first settled the Cape of Africa in 1652. The only black Africans in the area were the Khoisans, or Bushmen. The larger tribes that became the Zulu after being pushed south into present day South Africa by northern tribes came long after the Dutch had settled Cape of Africa.

Over 3,000 South African white farmers and their families have been killed, beaten, raped and driven off their lands with the ANC’s blessings. The current ANC leadership in South Africa has made it very clear that it supports Mugabe’s purge and wants the same for South Africa. The crime wave against the whites South Africa is one of the dirty secrets of the ANC, with daily home invasions that result in the slaughter of innocents, rape and, if lucky, only rape and severe beatings. Usually, family members are killed in front of each other, with the women and female children raped in front of husbands and brothers before they are all killed. There is a war in South Africa, and Nelson and Winnie Mandela were in on its planning and execution.

Bigotry, violence, death and deprivation, and the misery to come from the elimination of South Africa’s ability to feed itself are the legacies of Nelson Mandela and the ANC.

The guilt of the white liberal has allowed this monster to become a cause celebre, instead of his being recognized as the communist monster with the blood of innocents on his hands.

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