Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sarah Palin is a Trojan Horse

The book Sarah should have written--graphic by Larry Wood, all rights reserved.

Former Governor Sarah Palin says that she wants to be major player in national politics . . . if the people will have her. Given the mewling supplication on the part of Limbaugh, Hannity, even Dennis Prager, that support is definitely there amongst the national talk show pundits.

Sarah has been given a platform that she herself lauded in her gubernatorial campaign. A platform of family first, prolife, staunch fiscal conservative, and smaller government is better. All of which her record as governor denies. Sarah is also lauded as some sort of oil and gas expert, a standing AGIA has demonstrated is false.

The Republican Party has an opportunity to recoup congressional seats in the 2010 elections. The Republican Party may be able to reclaim power in Congress and the Presidency in 2012. However, the Republican Party will certainly fail in both opportunities if the pundits keep up the rant that Palin is the Joan of Arc of conservative politics. If they continue to sell this failed politician as something she is not: a conservative.

An intensely ambitious opportunist, yes . . . a conservative, no.

Palin is not Joan of Arc, heroic in her campaign to rid the nation of the socialist big government is best agenda. Palin is the Trojan Horse that will bring down conservatism. She is a false fa├žade or the hollow woman. Tough and glitzy on the outside, but lacking substance on the inside.

There are those pundits and her biographers, such as Confetti, who will claim that a trip to Hong Kong to speak to a bunch of investment bankers give her gravitas and “foreign policy” experience. That this experience gives her authority in foreign affairs and makes her eligible for the Presidency.

Those who were in her government, who had to deal with her, disagree with the pundits. They have seen Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is everything she was criticized for during the gubernatorial campaign. She is merely a place holder, who contributes nothing to the conversation, and makes no decisions. She does not lead; she sits and lets others establish policy, and then rails against those who undermine her policies.

I horror to think of the soap opera this failed governor would bring the office of President of the United States, given the incredible silliness of her focus on absolutely specious ethics complaints. That she spent $500,000 defending herself from such specious partisan interdiction to her governance, and the incredible impact that such had upon her governance should be enough to remove Sarah Palin from anything other than a mouthpiece for the Republican Party.

Sarah had a mandate from the people of Alaska to make an Alaska government that was smaller, more efficient, more responsive, open and transparent, and conservative. She promised much, and did nothing towards those goals. She is a RINO, not a conservative.

Look at her record as Governor of Alaska, short as it was. It speaks for itself.

Sarah Palin is a quitter, nothing more, nothing less. A failed leader, who was only a leader in her own mind.

She does connect with people and she says all the right things. However, that is all that she does or will do for the Republican Party. She is not a leader.

If the Republican Party is to regain power, the party must find another Ronald Reagan that can play to her rhetoric, but who will do as he or she says. Reagan made us feel good about America, but he acted to make his words reality. Sarah Palin will only mouth the words, she will not do the deeds.

Yes, Sarah Palin is a Trojan Horse. She will bring down the Republican Party’s goals in these coming elections and condemn all of us to a new socialist America that will be but a vestige of what it was before Obama, Pelosi and Reid gained power.

We need conservative leaders who will do more than show a pretty face and mouth words. Let Sarah be a lightening rod to liberals, but understand that is all that she is, and keep her out of office. She will turn the elections into a circus of the absurd if she is allowed to be more than just a talking head.

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