Monday, November 16, 2009

Rights of our Children

Our children have rights.
They have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
They have the right to be free to imagine, grow, play, learn, and to expect love, protection and compassion from adults.
Instead, we have abortion, we have NAMBLA, we have lesbian recruiting in our high schools and junior highs, we have NEA prosetlyzing the homosexual lifestyle openly in our schools, and we have an anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-American culture being promoted by our liberal politicians and liberal educators through federal edicts tied to federal funds at the very highest levels of government down to our schools.
We are silent when it comes to child sexual abuse.
We are silent when it comes to physical abuse of children—I mean physical abuse, I don’t mean a swat on the butt for being naughty!
We are silent when sex is promoted to our youngest children as being something that they should be engaging in at an early age.
We are silent when Madison Avenue promotes sex to our kids like candy.
We are silent when the clothes our children wear make them look like a $2 whore or gangbanger.
We are silent when a child speaks filth.
We are silent when a child disrespects an adult.
We are silent when our children kill one another, rape one another, and injure one another.
We are silent when we allow our children to be used by others for crime, to commit murder and mayhem.
What are we conservatives doing?
We are letting it happen.
The only battle line is abortion. The only outcry is for or against abortion.
Our pastors in the pulpits are cowards who mouth words, but fail to find out if their flock is healthy, or diseased, part of the problem, or a potential solution.
We let our politicians lie and steal, yet we say and do nothing.
We let our courts ignore the moral law and practice an unequal application of the secular law when it comes to justice for a child harmed by an adult or another child.
We are such cowards and so morally bankrupt that we cannot protect our children.
One nation under God, justice and liberty for all . . . except for our children.

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