Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Parnell is having fun as Gov

(One has to wonder why Todd is laughing during Parnell's swearing in ceremony. Could it be that it is because Sarah is off the hook and into the money?)

Gov. Sean Parnell is having more fun as governor than the proverbial fly on fly paper.
First, Parnell’s Gas Pipeline Czar, Harry Noah—see, Obama’s not the only one with Czars, but then this was Sarah’s appointment, Parnell just went with what was there—decreed that the cheapest construction for a natural gas bullet line to south central was down the Parks Highway. What was not disclosed was the cost of the gas at the delivery end. 500 mcf per day stand alone will carry a hefty price tag by the time it gets to Anchorage. The portent in this is what? An admission that any construction on any big pipe project will not come soon enough, or not at all?
Parnell went to D.C. to lobby for off shore drilling. This effort failed in the face of Obama’s BLM Secretary, Salazar, deciding, nah, we don’t need no stinkin’ offshore drilling! Screw any rational energy policy! Let them ride bicycles! No fault of Parnell’s. At least he tried. Loss to Alaska, around $100,000,000 in services and labor to the effort by Shell and others. Shell had previously abandoned its offshore plans in the face of a hostile resource development federal administration.

Parnell is also lobbying Congress against a bill that would bar aerial predator control. A stupid, shortsighted bill on the part of politicians who do not understand Alaska and the needs of her people.

Try paying $11 for a quart of milk, sometime. That’s the Bush cost because Alaska cannot build roads to connect our communities. ANILCA. Gee thanks, Pres. Carter.
I wonder if the feds want Alaska back? I mean, thus far, they have taken away our management of all lands and offshore as granted in the Statehood Compact, imposed new land use restrictions under ANILCA and now the offshore drilling restrictions, and refusing to allow drilling onshore or offshore of ANWR.
Congress recognized that providing Alaska the infrastructure that the rest of the State’s enjoyed in 1958 would break any future federal treasury several times over. That’s why the Congress gave Alaska a 90% royalty off of all mineral and hydrocarbon development. Oh, wait, Congress reneged on that with the Petroleum Reserve 4 lease sale in the late 1990s. What Statehood Compact?

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