Monday, September 7, 2009

Palin got out while the getting was good and left Parnell holding the bag

The most recent issue of the Petroleum News had a dismal fact to convey: 2019 is the earliest any construction on any big pipe project for Alaska Natural gas could begin. Construction would begin even later if the Open Season next year for AGIA is a bust.

The interesting thing here is this is getting into the 2025 time frame Exxon was promoting during the Murkowski Administration.

Worse, the Alaska Journal of Commerce is now reporting that the earliest date projected for a start of construction for any bullet natural gas line from the North Slope or for any spur line off either of the big pipe projects (AGIA or Denali) is estimated at 2018-2020.

Alaska is so screwed. South central will be out of natural gas sometime from 2012-2014.

As previously reported by moi (Miss Piggy speech), south central Alaska will probably suffer rolling blackouts this coming winter during the coldest months due to a shortage of natural gas supplies from Cook Inlet fields.

Now we know why Sarah Palin got out of the Governor’s hot seat and chose to go for the money. Sarah could see the handwriting on the wall. While she is off making 6 figure speaking fees, we Alaskans will be sitting in the cold and dark during rolling blackouts this coming winter from a lack of natural gas and storage for that gas in south central Alaska.

Sarah, of course, from her tropical local for latest speech at the time, will commiserate with we poor Alaskans and say “hang in there, Alaskans are tough and a little cold just builds character!”

Gov. Sean Parnell on the other hand is now left holding the bag. He will become the target of frustration and anger on the part those Alaskans whose character will be improved by the interruption of heat and lights during the coming rolling blackouts. Of course, Parnell can always have Lt. Gov. Craig Campbell fly him in the Gov’s King Air 350 to warmer climes for ‘conferences’ with Palin on energy issues.

Parnell is not helping one bit to find a timely solution to the impass with the oil companies regarding delivery of North Slope stranded natural gas to market. Parnell has decided that he will await a time when Exxon, Conoco-Phillips and British Petroleum Alaska can come together on a unified pipeline project before the State of Alaska will consider negotiating the fiscal certainty the producers on the North Slope have stated all along that was necessary to the financing of any major pipeline project. In the mean time, we face rolling blackouts.

The trees are already shedding their leaves where I live. This winter is going to be colder than last, as that has been the trend over the last several years. Meanwhile, Sean is holding tough against the big, bad oil companies, while I may be forced to read by candle light during the coldest part of this winter.


Bet we see a bunch of taillights headed back Outside next Spring!

Alaska’s economy is going to tank, folks. Our Legislature and not less than the last three including latest, making it four governors have failed us.

Welcome to Alaska, where either Congress screws us with ANILCA, or our own governors and Legislatures allow the rape and run of our resources, and then dig in on negotiating a solution to our stranded North Slope gas.

Alaska where our leaders “hear no coming gas shortage, can’t see in a rolling blackout, and head south when it gets cold and the lights go out.”

We are so screwed.

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