Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sarah Palin and Levi
Once again, our Governor has risen to the bait. She has something stuck in her craw and that something is the father of her oldest daughter’s child.
Why? Levi Johnson has been on the talk circuit telling all. And, Sarah is angry.
I have written locally and nationally on Examiner about our gov’s penchant for lacking the self-discipline, deportment, sense of duty, sense of propriety, and understanding of protocol that causes her office to be dragged in the mud right along with her in her zeal to slam back at her detractors. If all of her public retorts were in response to policy criticism, maybe she would be justified for a zealous defense. Once again, it is the soap opera of family, particularly that circumstance revolving around an unwed daughter that brings focus to Governor Palin the public spectacle, and not as the “tested leader” she claims to be.
The worst of this is the soap opera like atmosphere that surrounds this distraction. A daughter, pregnant out of wedlock, a young man, her boyfriend and father of the kid, and the predictable disaffection of the boyfriend come mommy in law to be’s sudden fame. This is good for at least a year on any soap opera.
Even the entertainment anchors on CNN today were lamenting that Gov. Palin needs to stop bringing her family issues to the public forum. (And, I am no fan of CNN, the Communist News Network.)
One thing that has to be asked of those who see Sarah Palin as a leader worthy of national prominence, is “where is your husband in all of this”, and “why is he not speaking for the family” since Sarah is gov and really should not be dragging the State of Alaska into her family fights.
Yes, where is Todd in all of this?
If not Todd, why is there not a family spokesperson to keep the gov’s office out of all this family squabble?
Why must Sarah interject the State of Alaska and her office as Governor into such a soap opera?
Enough on that tripe. And, it is tripe.
Again, ask yourself why our governor continually drags the State into her soap opera at home?
Is such the role of the Governor of the State of Alaska?
Is this what you want for President?
Replacing Sen. Kim Elton
Sarah has a dispute going with the dems. When former Sen. Kim Elton resigned to take his position with the Obama Administration, the Governor had a seat that she had to fill. The protocol in the past has been for the dems to select 3 names and to submit them to the gov for a final selection. Instead, the dems submitted one name.
Governor Palin responded with her own choice and the battle has gone back and forth from there.
It is incumbent upon the dems to provide three names. Once they have done so, I am certain that Gov. Palin will select from that list. Until then . . . it makes for good press and shows just how little respect the dem party has for protocol and established precedent.
In this regard, more power to Sarah Palin. She is holding the line and making her point.
Sarah and Stimulus Money
Gov. Palin’s position on the stimulus package has been if there is no additional baggage or cost to the State from the expansion of the programs most of the package represents, then, fine, Alaska will take the money. However, that is not the case.
Intertwining with this, is the usual Gov. and Legislature contest to see who can spend the most. The gov hacked the Legislature’s budget and they hacked hers. Part of the dispute is over education funding. The federal stimulus includes money for school repairs and other education issues that Palin believes should be subtracted from the State side buck by buck, so that the feds are paying the full education bill that is allowed by the funding from the stimulus package.
The Legislature disagrees. They, of course, want both to squander, without consideration to future liabilities incurred by the State for any funding accepted and program expansion required by the so called stimulus. Basically, the Legislature wants their cake and eat it too.
Who will come out on top?
Who knows? Not this session of the Legislature, anyway, unless there is compromise in the offing that has yet to be revealed.
I hope Gov. Palin sticks to her guns on this and the Elton replacement issue.
I further hope that she will stop being Sarah Soap Opera and realize that the gov’s job is full time.

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