Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Napolitano's priorities and concerns

On 7 April, the new DHS Secretary sent out a document to local law enforcement across the United States titled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment."
Those included in the focus of an ever expanding concern on the part of our federal internal security establishment are returning troops. Our military!
This fear on the part of our government includes those who are concerned about government intrusion into our lives, those who believe in State’s rights (10th Amendment), citizens who lawfully purchase weapons, Christians, those who oppose abortion, those concerned about illegal immigration, and white supremacist militias.
Right wing, white supremacist militias.
The bug aboo of the Clinton years.
I kind of resent being included in a list that includes white supremacists. I note that only ‘white’ is of concern, not La Raza or other non-white, anti-government and racist supremacist groups.
Where is the concern about Rev. Wright and his flock? They certainly bear watching with his racist, militant, anti-government rhetoric. Gee, and one of his flock made it to the White House. . . .
I guess in Napolitano’s DHS, color is a limiting factor in the ability to pose a threat to the security of the U.S. Does the referenced document imply that those of color lack the ability to pose a threat?
The justification for the troops included as people of concern? Tim McVeigh.
In 2008, less than 1% of 23,000 returning troops joined radical groups after leaving the military.
Has Napolitano been to Walter Reed and seen what our vets have given?
Does she know of the sacrifice of the families of our soldiers?
How about those families who gave all they could? Their son, daughter, daddy, uncle, cousin, on and on. What does she think that Gold Star means?
She dares question their loyalty and patriotism?
Who is encompassed by this document?
Anyone who: is a patriot, a Christian, is outspoken, is concerned about government overreaching, believes in State’s rights, is a serving member of the military returning from Iraq or Afghanistan, a veteran, is concerned about the sanctity of life, is concerned over the scourge of illegal immigration, is concerned about the continued assault on the Constitution, feel that their first loyalty is to their State.
That is definitely me. I am an Alaskan. My order of loyalty is God, family, State, country. I swore an oath defend the Constitution of the Untied States that I still hold as my first duty to my country.
How is it that our government distrusts most of us, but allows a religion and organizations that openly advocate the destruction of the United States?
I guess that the 1st Amendment is selectively applied in this case, because Islam and organizations such as La Raza provide a counter point to our culture, Constitution, and Christianity, values that the libs and radicals on the left openly abhor.
Unfortunately, this is also a case of our liberal element playing with fire.
We have so many divisive elements in the U.S., because the U.S. government no longer encourages assimilation to mitigate the ties to homeland and culture. Assimilation is evil to the lib social agenda, but diversity, read divisiveness, is good for us.
Déjà vu with the latest Homeland Security notification to law enforcement. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, late as the Governor of the State of Arizona, has outdone the Clinton paranoia over militias and evangelicals. She now includes returning troops in an ever growing list of potential subversives.
This is a case of ignoring the obvious and the dems pursuing their agenda of anti-American culture, and socialism at any cost.
I have nothing but contempt for government officials who are afraid of our returning military heroes.
Given DHS’ priorities, I hope Janet Napolitano likes her burkha.
I guess to her, our Founding Fathers are all terrorists who should have been on a British watch list.

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