Friday, March 6, 2009

Sarah Palin is pro life, so why a judge that is not?

Sarah Palin appointed Anchorage Superior Court Judge Morgan Christen to the Alaska Supreme Court. Christen was the highest rated candidate submitted by the Alaska Judicial Counsel.

Alaska’s constitution requires that the governor fill vacancies to the Alaska Supreme Court by choosing a qualified candidate from a list of members of the Alaska Bar vetted by the Alaska Judicial Council. The names submitted to Palin were vetted by a questionnaire put to Bar members. The answers were tallied, and scored by an independent group. Christen and Palmer Superior Court Judge Erik Smith were the two individuals with the highest scores.

In choosing Judge Christen, Governor Sarah Palin appointed a judge who was a board member of the Planned Parenthood, a pro abortion organization. Further, her credentials are decidedly liberal, as well as obviously “pro choice”, read pro murder of the unborn.

Although, Sarah Palin had no choice of accepting a list with Judge Christen’s name, she had a choice in naming Christen to the Supreme Court of Alaska. The governor is not limited to the highest score by the Alaska Judicial Council, and can select any name, or demand additional candidates be named for selection.

When Sarah Palin was running for Governor, her stance was unabashedly pro life. She would not compromise on that position, no matter how hard the questioner tried. I know, I attended many of the candidate forums, and listened and watched those on radio and TV. I spoke with those closest to her and listened to Sarah too many times to have misunderstood her unabashed pro life stance.

Sarah Palin’s position on the court was for the judges to be constructionist, not interpretive when it came to constitutional questions. She favored overturning of Roe v. Wade.

The one issue that I thought Sarah Palin would never compromise on was her pro life position. With the appointment of Judge Morgan Christen, she has erased all doubts in my mind about the ability of this woman to put political expediency over her stated campaign positions.

What is Sarah Palin?

Just another politician?

Judge Christen is the second time that I am aware that she has allowed politics to eclipse her stance on the right to life. The first was with the association of the group Climate Change Strategies (CCS) with the Palin sub-Cabinet for Climate Change. CCS is funded largely by the most notorious anti-growth and population control—pro abortion—foundations in the U.S.

It is bad enough that CCS is also anti-growth and now affecting and influencing the Palin Administration. How that situation plays into Palin’s pro-development stance, is something that I cannot fathom.

I expressed my concerns to one of her aides very recently regarding the association of CCS with the Palin Administration. Now, comes the appointment of Judge Christen.

With Judge Christen on the bench, what might become of the parental consent bill just introduced in the Alaska Legislature? A bill allegedly supported by Governor Sarah Palin who just appointed a judge philosophically opposed to the premise behind the legislation: the preservation of life and the preservation and recognition of the authority of parents.

Does Sarah Palin honestly believe that Judge Christen will be a ‘constructionist’ when the parental consent bill now in the legislature comes before the court?

I doubt that Judge Christen will be supportive of that legislation, given the predecessor was declared unconstitutional by the Alaska Supreme Court in 2007.

Was her support of that bill some sort of Machiavellian ploy to appease the pro life, family rights crowd, knowing that she would have to support the appointment of a judge philosophically opposed to those viewpoints?

After all, Judge Morgan Christen is a woman. Sarah killed two political birds with one stone. She appointed the “most qualified” from the list given her, and she appointed a woman, the second to Alaska’s Supreme Court.

Thus far, Gov. Sarah Palin has pretty well wiped the slate of
fiscal conservatism,
political propriety in keeping family matters out of State business (Trooper Gate), and, now
any intent on letting her pro life stance influence her political decisions

Did I miss anything?

I wonder how this will play to the national conservatives to whom she appealed when she ran for V.P.?

Will the real Sarah Palin please stand up?

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