Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reasons to vote for Sarah for Pres . . . not

Sarah Palin made a big splash in the Presidential race as McCain's V.P. pick. The State of Alaska was also highlighted, because of our governor's sudden notoriety. Now, a group of folks in Connecticut are setting out to see that Palin runs for President. Their website is

Some of the reasons why these people feel Sarah Palin would make a good choice for President:

"The thing I like best about her is she has international experience and she
started at the very bottom and moved to the top," he said. When asked to
elaborate, Troyer replied: "Her state does not border any other state. It
borders Russia and Canada, and China isn’t too far away."--Jim Troyner of
Bridgeport (3/12/2009 New Haven Register)


I supported Sarah Palin for governor, I worked for her election. I believed her rhetoric. However, the individual who made that quote needs a geography lesson, quickly!
Yeah, Alaska borders Canada. Alaska does not border Russia, nor does Alaska have any direct dealings with Russia, other than cultural exchanges once in awhile, and an air shuttle that flew to Russian oil development centers when Mobil, Exxon, and others were pouring billions into the Russian oil sector. Alaska Airlines ran that shuttle periodically. I do not believe that it has run since Putin clamped down on foreign investment in Russia's oil fields.

As to China being not too far away? China is as near as the local Walmart. You are as close to China when you go to your local Walmart as Sarah Palin is when she goes to the Walmart in Wasilla.

Another reason to support Sarah Palin:

"She is a fine American. She’s just everything that we need in this country: An
honorable woman who can stand with men."--Veronica Kivela, North Haven
(3/12/2009 New Haven Register)

I would agree with the sentiment, up to the point of 'just everything we need'. I disagree with that assertion, as Sarah’s record as Governor is so-so. Sarah Palin is a RINO in terms of fiscal discipline. Other decisions at odds with campaign rhetoric have clouded the Palin image of an Alaskan Joan of Arc fighting the good fight for integrity and the betterment of the people of the State of Alaska. Too often the “fight” is about Sarah’s ego, and not Alaska’s needs.

Here's a typical male response to Sarah and certainly a “worthy” reason for her running for President:

"I think she’s a beautiful-looking woman."--Ted Pechinski of North
Bradford (3/12/2009 New Haven Register)

Ted . . . quit thinking with your . . . never mind. God help us if there are more like Ted. Kind of like the female support for Obama.

In both the national campaign and her Alaska gubernatorial campaign of 2006, Sarah came on like Reagan. She spoke directly, straight from the heart, or so it seemed. She said what we felt needed to be said and did so in a positive manner. In the national race, she was tied to a dead horse. Not the other way around. John McCain was hardly a ‘breath of fresh” air amongst Republicans. Especially to conservatives, whether Republican or not. Frank Murkowski was the perfect opponent for Sarah in the gubernatorial race: big, stuffy, old Republican establishment, and an easy target for criticism.

There is no doubt that Sarah Palin is now a national figure.

Palin has prepared well to keep her name in lights. There is Sarahpac to fund her national notoriety and national political ambitions. There are the Outside appearances for organizations who believe that Sarah shares the same outlook. And, recently, the announcement that Sarah will be appearing with candidates for Congress around the nation showing her support for their candidacy.

Is there a benefit to Alaska from all of this notoriety for Sarah Palin?

Yes. Americans now know Alaska has a babe for governor.

Do they know where Alaska is on the map? Debatable.

Has Sarah’s notoriety helped get ANWR in production or a gas line built? No.

How about the folks who were quoted above? They believe that Sarah Palin has ‘international’ experience—whatever that is. That she is ‘everything we need’, and that she’s ‘a beautiful looking woman’.

Great reasons to vote for Sarah for President, if you have the mentality of the typical Obama supporter!

If the ding-a-lings from Connecticut are any example of Palin’s national supporters, Sarah may want to rethink her Outside ambitions.

Maybe, just being Alaska’s governor is not so bad after all?

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