Thursday, November 26, 2015

Syrian Refugees? NO!!!!!

Governor Walker is about to make a mistake.  He is appeasing his liberal masters in DC by forcing upon Alaskans Syrian Muslim migrant workers who are pretending to be “refugees”.  However, the Obama Administration has only allowed in 53 Christians out of over 2,500 Syrians.  Yet, it is the Christians in the Middle East who are being slaughtered by the Muslim majority. .
Governor Walker wants to bring in these Muslims fully aware that they will not assimilate. This is about money and changing demographics in favor of the Democrats by creating another dependant class to be exploited by the left.  Unfortunately, as in Europe, this strategy will blow up in the faces of the Democrats and those seeking cheap labor to undermine our wage standards.
Islam does not allow Muslims to  assimilate.  When their numbers grow sufficiently large enough that they have the influence, Islam will demand the submission of all that is not Islam in their new land.  Shari’a will be instituted as the law.  Under Islam, women are worth ½ the value of a man, and are chattel, property of their husband.
Islam is here to conquer, not to co-exist, Islam is at war with anything not Islam.  The West, including the U.S., is dar al-Harb, land of war, to Islam.
What happened in France should come as no surprise to anyone.  Islam, like communism, is completely alien to Western democracy.  Especially, to the U.S., which is a constitutional republic having a rule of law.  Or, at least we used to, before the Obama Administration.  Now, we are an oligarchy, ruled by a few elites who hold influence in Washington, D.C.  (Testing “Theories of American Politics”, Gilens and Page, “Perspectives on Politics”, Sept., 2014, Vol. 12/No.3, pp564-581)
All of Europe has paid with increasing rates of crime, particularly rape against infidel women.  Sweden’s rate of rape by Muslim males against Swedish women is 1,472% greater today than in 1974. (Sweden: Rape capital of the West, Carlqvist and Hedegaard, Gatestone, Feb. 14, 2015)
95% of the influx of migrant workers pretending to be “Syrian refugees” into Europe are unaccompanied males of military age.  By the end of 2016, the number of military age single Muslim males will equal the total number of native German males of military age.
Islam is like communism in that it is all things to the Muslim.  Under communism, the state is all powerful and owns everything, but under Islam, it is Allah that makes the rules, which the Imam’s interpret.  Islam sets forth the social conventions and the rules under which man is governed by Allah.  An Islamic state is goal of Islam.
Wherever there is Islam, there are death, intolerance, war and slavery.  Only under Islam is outright slavery still practiced in this century.
Islam means submission.  To a Muslim, the imperative is to submit to Islam in all things.   Where there is Islam, there is death, war, destruction, slavery, and intolerance.
The elitist leadership in Europe and in the U.S. has both eyes open in their insane acquiescence to invasion by migration.  They believe that they will be sacrosanct and that Islam will cleanse the country of the right and usher in a new globalist government without borders–a communist goal–and solve the declining population problem caused by abortion and the assault on traditional marriage.  These elitists believe that Islam will submit to their enlightened leadership.  They believe that what happened in France and the rapes, assaults and killings all over Europe and in the U.S. are a necessary trial and sacrifice for native populations to achieve their socialist utopia.
Islam abhors the atheist, apostate, animist and pagan.  The homosexuals and atheist left would be literally committing suicide by allowing Islam to gain a foothold here.
All Muslims are obligated to take the Quran  literally.  Islam is one of the few religions that demands death for apostasy.
Islam destroys the history, culture, language, values and traditions of any nation it conquers.  Slavery in this day and age exists only under Islam.  And, our Governor is allowing Muslims into Alaska who are not refugees by any definition so that the State will get a few bucks from the Obama Administration’s  attempt to change demographics in favor of the Democrats.
For Walker, this is about money, the safety of Alaskans has no standing in the matter.

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