Monday, September 3, 2012

The need for voter ID

Why would the 5th Circuit's recent decision regarding the new Texas voter registration law be declared unconstitutional?  How can it be deemed discrimination and unduly burdensome so as to act to deny the "poor" minorities in Texas their right to vote? 

The reality is, these three judges, two appointed by Pres. Bill Clinton and one appointed by Pres. George W. Bush, acted to create prejudice and hardship where none existed.

The 5th Circuit was wrong in its decision, it placed conjecture above the need of the country to maintain the integrity of its voting system, and in doing so, violated their oaths to preserve and to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  The Texas ID requirements were universal, not specific to any segment of the population, thereby denying any allegation of the requirement being prejudicial, burdensome or otherwise exclusive.  Further, these federal judges seemingly overlooked the fact that this is a country of rule by majority, a republic.

How does one qualify for welfare benefits?  One applies and proves one's need and identity to qualify.

How does one get a driver's license?  In Alaska and other states, one has to present a birth certificate, or other ID, such as a rent receipt or two witnesses who have either state ID cards or driver's licenses to qualify, after passing a written and driving test.

How does one get a state identification card?  A state ID card is all that Texas was requiring to vote--it is a photo ID.  In many states, such ID is free for the asking.  One just has to apply.

How does one qualify for a political caucus of either party?  One shows ID that matches with voter registration for the district.  One can usually register to vote at the party caucus, but you must still show ID to do so.

How does one cash one's social security check, payroll check, or get cash from one's account?  Most banks and credit unions will require proof of one's identity, usually a photo ID.

How about a library card?   Your 13 year old daughter can get an abortion without your permission, but she must have parental permission to get a library card.   Libraries in most cities want proof of your identity so that they have a means to bill you for the book you forget to return.  That means a photo ID.

What is it to be poor in the United States?  The qualifications to be poor in this day and age require an income of $50,000 or less for a family of four.  Yet, one may have a TV, computer, at least one running vehicle, and rent or own the abode in which they live.

Therefore, how is that the judges of the 5th Circuit deciding the Texas case reached the conclusion that a photo identification readily available was somehow unduly burdensome and prejudicial when such is required during the course of one's everyday business?

Businesses make no provision of economic standing with regard for identification requirements imposed upon their customers.

Voter registration drives amongst the homeless, the poor, illegal aliens, and the elderly are the primary means for expanding the democratic party registrations.  Fear is the primary means used by the democrats to preserve  and to expand their voter base.  The "bad" republicans will take away your benefits!  Ignoring that that "bad" democrats had to take away other's money to provide those "benefits".

Voter fraud is a major concern in U.S. elections.  Yet, there is little in the way of an actual demonstration of widespread identity substitution taking place in elections.

There is continuing evidence of many states and localities maintaining voter registration lists with the names of dead voters, people no longer residents in the state, and even the names of pets as valid voters.  Recently, the Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina allegedly found that 30,000 dead residents were still registered to vote in NC.  Therefore, there is a need to audit voter registration lists to eliminate invalid registrations.

The main concern is not so much the idea of someone fraudulently assuming the name of another as it is allowing those not citizens of the United States to vote in national elections.  How can we as Americans maintain our sovereignty if aliens are voting in our national elections?  The influence of those not legal citizens in electing our public officials is a direct threat to our national sovereignty and the supremacy of the Constitution.

Many illegal aliens from Latin America maintain that they are not here for citizenship, but to work, making them illegal migrant workers rather than "illegal immigrants".  Yet, La Raza and other Hispanic activist groups want voting rights for Hispanic illegal aliens to impose their racist political goals upon the states and United States.  The democrats and the 'compassionate' republicans just want their votes, no matter the cost to our sovereignty or to the integrity of the vote.

Muslim activists seek to impose Shari'a law in our cities and states in violation of our Constitution.  Many Muslims are here illegally, and even those here legally, all place Islam over the Constitution.  The goal of Islam in America is to see the U.S. become an Islamic state. 

The liberal democratic party has no scruples regarding the need to maintain the integrity of the vote.  They believe that achieving their political goals and remaining in power exceed the need to preserve the integrity and legitimacy of the voting process.  Their disdain for the Constitution is well established.

It is the integrity of the vote that is important, because without that integrity, the security and sanctity of the republic is at stake.  The vote should be reserved for those who are citizens, only, and who can prove their identity, as they would have to do so during the course of their daily business.

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