Sunday, August 15, 2010

The President's relgion and the Mosque at 911

Barack Obama is a Muslim. He practiced the religion in Indonesia, and, according to the tenets of Islam, once a Muslim, always a Muslim. Otherwise, he is apostate and subject to death. . . .

Yeah, the religion of tolerance is tolerant only to . . . whom and what?

Islam means submission. Period. You submit to Islam. You do not practice Islam, you submit to Islam . . . or, you die. You have a choice, convert or die. Of course, the followers of the "book", meaning the Hebrew Pentateuch or Old Testament,may pay a tax and live a life as a second class citizen. However, that does not necessarily remove one from the cross hairs or the neck from the sword.

Animists, humanists, pagans, Buddhists, Hindus and atheists are simply dead under Islam. I mean as in killed. There is not quarter for them. Convert, or die. Most will die.

Homosexuals will be subject to flogging or death. The Koran calls for public beatings, but in most Muslim countries hanging or beating to death seems to be the norm.

Why homosexuals seem to think that they would fair better under Islam is beyond me. I do not know of any Christian pastors who have called for physical harm to homosexuals, apostates or . . . liberals.

Liberals will be offered the choice and most will convert. They are cowards who will just "want to get along". In doing so, they will rejoice that Islam will allow them to act out their angst against conservative folk. Islam serves those with a grudge and allows them to act out that angst with impunity, as long as they do so in the name of Allah.

Those who practice rape will love Islam. Ask any Christian woman in any country where Islam is the dominant religion. Take your pick of tolerant Islamic countries. In Egypt, Coptic women are raped to show them how wrong they are in their beliefs. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, wherever Islam is practiced, there is this abuse of women. Rape is also a tool to reign in the female Muslim who fails to wear proper dress.

Honor killings are also allowed. Have a grudge against your aunt or your sister? Accuse her of improper behavior, and she is toast. Even in this country, this horrific conduct has happened.

We have let into our midst this backwards, intolerant, ignorant religion and its third world practitioners. Those who practice honor killings of their daughters and wives, those who kill others simply because they are not of the same faith or kill them because they are of another sect of Islam, and under Islam, the use of rape as a tool to keep women in line. WE LET THIS IN?!!!!!

Now, those who subscribe to this abhorrent religion want to add insult to injury and build a mosque upon sacred ground. They want to erect a monument to their cowardly act of murder. They killed 3,000 Americans in name of Allah. And, our President backs this project.

Why not? He is one of "them".

Once a Muslim, always a Muslim. He may have sat in a Christian Church, but Barack Hussein Obama was never a Christian. The penalty for apostasy under Islam is death. He knows this. He literally the Manchurian Candidate. A shill, an impostor, one who wants to harm this country. How can he be otherwise, given his record and the record of his acts as President? Bowing before foreign despots?

My ancestors fought a revolution, one commanded the Continental Army and served as the 1st President. It is time we consider the need to refresh the Tree of Liberty. First with words and votes. Barring any success there, to do as George Washington admonished us to have the courage to do. The real reason we have the Second Amendment.

If the election of 2012 does not end the term of the Muslim Obama, then our Republic will truly be in peril.