Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alaska's Congressional Delegation Votes with the libs

The “hate crimes” rider to the defense appropriations bill just passed had the votes of Alaska’s entire congressional delegation.

Yes, Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Rep. Don Young, two staunch, conservative Republicans voted with the pack, rather than voice their disapproval of this dirty trick by the Reid Senate and the Pelosi House. Of course, Sen. Mark Begich voted with his party to further establish homosexuals as a “protected” class under a system of law that was supposed to be based upon the fact that none stand above any other.

Granted, the defense appropriations bill was important, even though it was cut $2.6 billion by Pelosi and Reid to build monuments to Teddy Kennedy and to payback the party faithful in ear marks. That $2.6 billion was pretty important to our troops. For that reason alone, the bill should have been rejected.

That money was out of the budget for ammunition, weapons, training, and equipment for the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters. Money taken from our troops and put in the pockets of cronies. Money needed for spares and more helicopters, especially CH-47 Chinooks that can operate above 14,000ft, the current ceiling limitation of the H60 Blackhawks used by the Army and Hueys of the USMC.

Meanwhile, in our Congress, the priority is keep pedophiles and homosexuals from being offended by heterosexuals. Once again the liberal congress and Alaska’s congressional delegation said to Hell with our troops and their needs. Why, the egos of this evolutionary dead end faction of our society takes precedent over the welfare of our troops in harms way.

I cannot express my contempt.

Politicians disgust me. They are such cowards. And, liberals have such strange, and perverse priorities.

Another Gold Star Family
Today, Alaska has another Gold Star family. An Alaskan was killed in service to his country yesterday. CPL Gregory M. W. Fleury died when a UH-1N and a AH1W Sea Cobra collided in mid air yesterday in Helmand Province Afghanistan while supporting a DEA drug interdiction mission. CPL Fleury, USMC, was a 2005 graduate of Service High School in Anchorage, Alaska.

Another Marine is on duty in Heaven.

Please pray for this young man’s family.

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