Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sarah resigns, Campbell new Lt. Gov

Sarah Palin stepped down as Alaska’s governor. An incredible act, just 2.5 years into her first term. However, she has national ambitions, a chance to make a killing on the speaking circuit and a fat book deal to execute next year. Why not? Her life.
In the mean time, she leaves the State of Alaska in the lurch to a degree, but how much will depend upon Lt. Governor Sean Parnell, soon to be Governor Parnell. Parnell is a former legislator who was fairly conservative during his tenure in the legislature. What will be interesting is what he will continue and what he will leave intact of Palin’s cabinet and structure.
My hope is that he will get rid of the Climate Change Sub-Cabinet, a do nothing, money absorbing placebo for the global warming crowd. Poor science paid for by the State.
Parnell was supportive of the all-Alaska Valdez TAPS route for a natural gas pipeline during the campaign. Hopefully, he will encourage TransCanada and Exxon to continue in the direction of that option for AGIA.
Yes, Governor Sarah Palin raised taxes on the oil companies, but she also managed to bring oil and gas development in the State to an almost virtual halt. Parnell needs to redress this shortsightedness.
Huffington Post surmises that there is more to the stepping down of Sarah Palin than meets the eye. There are those who believe we are about to hear about a brewing scandal. Were this so, the media would have had a field day as they looked long and hard for anything to scandalize Palin.
Palin’s conduct seems to be about money and ambition. Nothing new there
A very interesting development is the appointment of LTG Craig Campbell, TAG/Commissioner Dept. of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) to the office of Lt. Governor. That one surprised everyone. Apparently, the Kosovo trip had more on the agenda than just visiting the troops. Too many people were surprised by Campbell’s appointment, just as they were about Sarah’s resignation.
Campbell has been a fairly lackluster Commissioner DMVA and TAG. It was his fortune to be in place when 9-11 hit. Sarah did not change the top position at DMVA, as she has a long association with Campbell politically. There was a controversy during the Presidential election regarding his promotion to Lt. General (LTG), something a few States do with their Adjutant General position. LTG is a State rank, and not federal, meaning paid only on State Active Duty and otherwise meaningless. The federal rank remains the same at Major General (MG). However, his promotion was a first for an Alaska TAG. A promotion which came 3 days after his changing his story about Palin’s contributions and leadership where the Alaska National Guard was concerned.
The LTG Craig Campbell that I know will do a good job as Lt. Governor. He will keep his mouth shut, avoid controversy, and screw the troops. Nothing new there.
I am certain there are many at DMVA who will not miss him.
Unexpected events. Interesting times.


  1. I'll drink to that comment about Campbell. He will NOT be missed by DMVA. "He will keep his mouth shut, avoid controversy, and screw the troops." I know this for a fact.

  2. I know this for a fact but am unable to divulge it until given permission. General Campbell has at least 3 IG complaints against him but the fear factor keeps them from divulging the facts. I am one of those fearful cowards (I guess) as it's probably been covered up.

  3. Campbell will screw anyone who gets in his way for his political ambitions. He is not smart but makes up for his lack of IQ by being slick and a crafty opportunist. Parnell better keep checking his back with Campbell as Lt.Gov. He doesn't have good looks or brains but is somehow a very persuasive, unethical dipshit.

  4. Why did Alaskans let Sarah Palin get away with giving Craig Campbell the Lt. Gov. of Alaska job? Are they lovers? He is nothing but a crooked politician and she is a naracissist fool. What a pair!! Good luck Parnell and check your back because Campbell has no conscience as he screwed the National Guard.