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Part II Obama's Watergates: Fast and Furious

What became Fast and Furious started out under the Bush Administration as Operation Wide Receiver in 2007. It was suspected that some firearms purchases were being made in the United States to the benefit of the Mexican drug cartels. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms was given the mission of trying to discover the identity of those in the cartels authorizing and paying for gun purchases in the United States for the drug cartels along with the ‘straw men’ doing the purchasing. The idea was to follow certain purchases of firearms by suspected straw purchasers to the border and then trace them to the drug cartel. After the the first couple of such purchases, it was quickly discovered that there was no way to trace the firearms once they crossed the border into Mexico. Operation Wide Receiver was then discontinued as a failure. No more than 2 weapons went south under Bush.
With the election of President Barak Hussein Obama and his appointment of AG Eric Holder, the Second Amendment immediately became a target for the new administration and its DOJ head. Both President Obama and AG Holder shared a goal of ending private firearms ownership in the United States. They considered private ownership unnecessary and unsafe, because government police forces were supposed to protect the citizen, not the citizen themselves. President Obama had known his AG appointee since 2005 while Holder was an attorney for the Clinton Administration. They became close, as they shared the same activist, far left political ideology, and the same gun control ideology: no firearms in private ownership.
As an attorney for the Clinton Administration, Eric Holder sought clemency and release for the FALN terrorists responsible for 130 bombings with 4 deaths and 80 wounded. The FALN was a Puerto Rican communist liberation movement. Holder was responsible for the commuting of their sentences and gaining their early release. Holder’s anti-gun and gun control record is extensive and far left. Holder and Janet Reno filed an amicus brief siding with the District of Columbia in the Heller case.
Upon learning of the existence of Operation Wide Receiver through administration appointees to ATF and the FBI, Obama appointee Dennis Burke, Asst. AG for Arizona, decided to reopen the operation under a new name: Operation Fast and Furious. The idea was the same as before. Further, Operation Fast and Furious was to require the forced cooperation against their will, in violation of the law, of legitimate gun dealers to sell firearms to known straw purchasers. All done at the behest and under the supervision of the Phoenix BATF office, which now had an Obama appointee as its head, Bill Newell.
With the new Obama Administration, Operation Fast and Furious included the cooperation and oversight of the new Obama appointed Dennis Burke federal Assistant AG for Arizona, and Obama appointees in the FBI, the ATF, and the DEA in Arizona placed in management position replacing many career agents who were former law enforcement
With the Obama Adminstration came a new breed of management at the BATF, FBI and DEA. Management without a law enforcement background and with an ideological imperative versus tried and true law enforcement practices. Loyal, leftist ideologues who believe that the Second Amendment should be stricken from the Constitution. People who had no compunction about violating the sovereignty of a neighboring nation and arming the enemy of both Mexico and the U.S. with deadly weapons. All done to suborn public opinion in the U.S. against the personal ownership of firearms and to undermine support for the Second Amendment. All men and women, legally trained, with a long record of leftist ideals who have diligently worked to undermine the Constitution of the United States.
Operation Fast and Furious was to be run by the ATF office in Phoenix that had been responsible for the failure of Operation Wide Receiver.
Orders setting Fast and Furious into operation were given with the knowledge and assent of the Assistant AG Dennis Burke to move forward. BATF agent Bill Newell was given the authority to conduct the operation. The coercing of legitimate firearms dealers began, many of whom openly protested the obviously illegal purchases that they were required to sign off on. Some even protested to the FBI.
From 2009-2010 over 2,000 heavy caliber semi-automatic firearms were illegally purchased through known straw purchasers and transported to Mexico to points unknown. All without the knowledge and cooperation of the government of Mexico, or even the BATF agents in Mexico as liaisons to the Mexican authorities.
In other words, the BATF, DOJ, acting under the authority of the President of the United States and the color of U.S. law violated the national sovereignty of a neighboring friendly nation by aiding and abetting the smuggling of illegally purchased firearms to the drug cartels, known to be hostile to the United States, all without the knowledge and consent of the lawful government of Mexico.
Holder et al are up to their armpits in blood.
The collateral damage caused by Fast and Furious is still accumulating today. On December 14, 2010, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in an ambush on the U.S. side of the border. At least two of the weapons used were Fast and Furious AK47s illegally smuggled into Mexico. On February 15, 2011, ICE Agent Jaime Zapata was killed in Mexico. Two Americans died.
Dozens have been killed in Mexico, yet, the U.S. has not issued an apology to the Mexican government and to the Mexican people for the egregious violation of their sovereignty as a nation through Operation Fast and Furious.
After the death of BPO Brian Terry on December 14, 2010. Carlos Canino, a BATF liaison agent, contacted AG Morales and told her what he knew about fast and Furious. Marisela Morales, the Mexican Attorney General, called for the extradition of all responsible for the illegal gun running operation known as Fast and Furious.
On August 15, 2011, William Burns, Deputy Secretary of State, traveled to Mexico to meet with Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinoza. A $500 million law enforcement assistance program to Mexico was coming up for approval, but criticism of the Obama Administration had end. AG Marisela Morales call for extradition for those responsible for the murder of innocent Mexican civilians caused by the smuggling of illegal arms into Mexico was silenced. $500 million has that effect.
Is there a smoking gun leading to the White House? It is known that e-mails showing maps of the suspected routes the firearms had taken in Mexico were sent to the NSA Advisor’s office. Holder knew of Fast and Furious in 2010. Janet Napolitano had to know, it was her agents who were killed. Yet, all involved beg indifference, a lack of knowledge, and produce only blackened pages in response to Congressional subpoenas.
Given the ideological fanaticism and cronyism that is part and parcel of this White House, is it possible that President Obama did not know? Until he is subpoenaed we will not know. What needs to be asked by Rep. Darrell Issa is “what did you know, and when did you know it?”
What constitutes Fast and Furious is a violation of international law, murder, conspiracy to illegally smuggle arms into a friendly national without their knowledge, to knowingly violate the border of Mexico, and to aid and abet enemies of the United States and Mexico that are drug cartels, and to aid and to abet the murders of two U.S. law enforcement agents and the murder of an estimated 300 Mexican citizens.
President Obama's nominee to head the ATF was on the panel that created Fast and Furious. B. Todd Jones should be investigated, not awarded with a promotion.
President Obama should have his feet held to the fire over Fast and Furious until the entire sick story is revealed. Then, those responsible should be indicted, tried, convicted and sent to prison in a prison with a very large Mexican population.
Watergate was nothing in comparison to the death and destruction caused by Fast and Furious. There is no comparison. There is no comparable degree of moral outrage, our mainstream media have abrogated their job of keeping government honest. Instead, they are complicit in murders resulting from Fast and Furious and the lack of justice for those killed.
Were it not for National Gun Rights Examiner Eric Codrea, Katie Pavlich and her book “Fast and Furious”, and CBS report Sharyl Attisson, Fast and Furious would never have seen the light of day.
We need to do our jobs as citizens and keep this story alive by contacting our Congressional delegations and demanding more hearings. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, the AP phone records scandel, Sebelious and her improprieties, and the EPA used to get even with conservatives mark the Obama Administration as a dangerous example of corruption and abuse of power.
All of the above serve as notice to we the people that the Constitution and our Constitutional Republic are in peril by a tyrannical, cynical, self-serving President and his appointees.
If we let this continue, we have only ourselves to blame.
Call and write your congressional delegation, call the governor and have that office stand up to the President. Then, in 2014 and 2016, end this liberal tyranny and assault upon our Constitution by voting in conservatives who will honor and obey the Constitution of the United States as the Supreme Law of the Land.
For more information:
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