Saturday, January 31, 2009

CAIR: Congress and the FBI are finally figuring it out!

Recently, the FBI has severed relations with the so called Council on American-Islamic Relations, because of suspected ties with HAMAS, a Palestinian terror group that has no compunction about using children and women as shields when engaging Israeli troops.

HAMAS is widely reported as sanctioning the use of child bombers, and training the young to grow up to be terror bombers. Whatever it takes to kill an Israeli is their policy.

Cowards one and all, obviously. They want the kids to sacrifice themselves, but the leadership of HAMAS hides behind women and children.

Now, Congress has figured out that CAIR is not benign, simply trying to get understanding for Muslims after 9-11, but is part of HAMAS. Congress and the FBI are now trying to divorce themselves from any contact with CAIR. The Anti-Terrorist caucus has issued a letter to all of its collegues in the House to discontinue any contact with CAIR:

The FBI has already do so:

About time politically correct came in second to logic and reason.

Palestinian children playing terrorist. Note the plastic toy weapons. This same type of accurate model is used by military and police forces in the U.S. to train with, not as kids' toys.

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